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SLFP leadership once again to Mahinda?

SLFP leadership once again to Mahinda?

A memorandum of understanding was signed today between Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna and Sri Lanka Freedom Party today and Mahinda was given the identity of contesting with the Pohottuwa logo at the forthcoming presidential elections with support of votes of SLFP. It was announced that at later elections SLFP and SLPJP  would be joining in with the common logo of
Chair. However, inside political news sources have reported that this pre-planned strategy will be put in motion with the idea of drawing the SLFP their fold as a phenomenon of Basil - Mahinda and the crowd and will be executed today as a moment of victory of its success. Today Mahinda, Gotabhaya or Maithri were not present on the day when the agreement was signed and instead their close followers were called upon to place their signatures on their behalf and thus mark this occasion of joining.  

On the occasion of this event Basil had remarked that 'Mahinda's first love' which means the craving for the SLFP. Sometime prior to this, during the series of Mahinda Sulanga rallies Mahinda had remarked 'Supporters of SLFP refers not the party office logo ... a thing that is marked in the heart ... all of them are around me'. When considering this, Mahinda's first love which Maithri grabbed from 2015 when the president came into power has once again been retrieved by him. 

The next question is whether he would dispose of it and dilute it. Maithripala Sirisena former chairman of the SLFP who has gone to a side without being able to arrive at a decision being enveloped in a struggle for power unable to get over it will not be able to retain leadership in the party after presidential elections whether Gotabhaya wins or not and it is doubtful as to whether people would rock round him. With such an advantage in times ahead no other would have the fortune to acquire leadership of that party. 

Thus, with the decision taken by SLFP to extend support to presidential candidate of Podu Jana Peramuna at presidential elections based on the fact that SLFP would e void of a leader after presidential elections, seniors of the SLFP have become interested in giving support to Mahinda Rajapaksa once again. By now, though Mahinda Rajapaksa would function as leader of Podu Jana Peramuna; Basil Rajapaksa would operate as owner of that party. Thus, Basil Rajapaksa would turn out to be the unofficial owner of that party. 

Both as a party which can boast of a history and as a symbol which is well-accepted among the public, after being defeated in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party struggle for power ... Mahinda bearing it up on his shoulders is however doubtful. In the meantime what political critics point out is that after president Maithripala Sirisena took over leadership of the SLFP what happened was that the party was completely destroyed. They also point out that after destroying SLFP and then providing facilities to build up Podu Jana Peramuna was a matter launched by Sirisena. 

Whatever it is, under these conditions though the only obstacle to Mahinda Rajapaksa the leadership of SLFP is the former president Chandrika Bandaranaika who is in fact heir to the party and her team, it would not be a problem for the Mahinda camp to hurdle over it. 

It is according to a pre-planned move of Mahinda - Basil and their teams that hastily a deposit is made before the others for this presidential elections and Gotabhaya's name is marked in front of Pohottuwa saying that it is a legal issue and give the impression that they cannot go in for a different symbol.  In the end Maithri has been forced into a position where he has to betray the SLFP. 

What general secretary Dayasiri Jayasekera said at occasion of signing the agreement was that he granted his consent to this agreement after holding several discussions by trying to unravel the issue by looking at it from various angles. He further mentioned that it was not a difficult task as ideas of both parties had no incompatibility between them. It is finally understood that Pohottuwa has conducted ways and means where this decision could not be dismissed, thus capturing that party to their fold. 

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