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Adeesha of Galgamuwa who scored 199 marks at 5th year scholarship

Adeesha of Galgamuwa who scored 199 marks at 5th year scholarship

It is H.M. Adeesha of Sirimavo Bandaranaika Vidyalaya who managed to secure the highest number of marks (199) in Sri Lanka at the scholarship exam this time. He is a resident of Galgamuwa Mahalkadawala area. Together with Adeesha, his mother, father and two elder sisters, the total number of members in his family are five. Both his two elder sisters too are students of Sirimavo Bandaranaika primary vidyalaya and have got through their scholarship exam as well. Adeesha's father H.M. Wijayakumara Herath is attached to Galgamuwa provincial secretariat office in the
capacity of a colonisation officer while mother S.J. Indika Priyangani works as a provincial officer at north-central zone office. 

H.M. Wijaya Kumara Herath, father of the student had this to say about the achievement of his son: "My eldest daughter Sadini Nethmika Herath got 192 marks in the scholarship in the year 2014. Younger daughter Sanuji Imalka Herath secured 184 marks in the year 2017. Both attended Sirimavo Bandaranaika Vidyalaya. Now both of them are attending Kurunegala Maliyadevi Balika Vidyalaya. 

Son is clever in school-work. What he always said was that he would score at least one mark more than his elder sisters. Son has achieved it. It was a great happiness to know that he had achieved the highest number of marks in the whole island. Principal of Sirimavo Bandaranaika Vidyalaya Varuna Bandara sir, Pubudu Ranasingha, Sarath Kumara, Chandana Tennakoon who were the class teachers were behind the achievement of son to bring the best results in the scholarship exam in Sri Lanka and remember them at this moment.

S.J. Indika Priyangani the mother said: "Son would attend to the studies taught in school, every day. He never got up early in the morning to study. In the evening he used to play cricket. He also has a big desire to develop farther in the game. Elder daughter passed the scholarship and got 192 marks and a poster can be seen in the main hall of the school. Son always used to say, "Your banner will be removed from there and it's my banner which will be there". W are delighted about son's achievement. If he misses to do some work given in school ... he wouldn't go to school next day. Every day he would finish the work given in school".

This is how H.M. Adeesha Nethum Herath expressed her happiness about her achievement: "I thought of getting more marks surpassing marks of elder sister. Every day I used to score over 90 marks in question papers given in school. In the evening I would play cricket. After that I engage in studies. My desire is to become an engineer one day and give a service to the country. 

Everything taught in school I would listen intently. After coming from school I used to attend to all the work given in school and finish them without forgetting it. I would attend to extra revision question papers and also attended tuition classes. I did these things with a great sense of joy. Mother and father did not influence me to do these things. In the same way I like cricket. I have a big desire to play for the Sri Lanka cricket team. So I hope to join Kurunegala Maliyadeva College. 

A lot of people helped me in achieving this victory. I wish to mention my mother, father, my two elder sisters, school principal Waruna Bandara sir, Pubudu sir who taught us and other masters Sarath sir, Chandana sir and other masters with appreciation at this moment. 

- Ananda Karunathillaka -

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