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Rupavahini in hands of President -- inside problem or election strategy?

Rupavahini in hands of President -- inside problem or election strategy?

On a gazette announcement under special gazette No. 21/2140/02 released last night(10) the national rupavahini corporation has been taken over by the ministry of defence. As such, powers invested in UNP minister Ruwan Wijeywardena has gone out the grasp of the corporation. In this context the President took over powers of the rupavahini during the political revolution last October and with such an action the intended motive
behind it was broadcast government news across the media. Whatever it is, it has been announced across some media that an indication was sounded that this take over was the outcome of a mess up that took place within national rupavahini yesterday.

The above-said confusion has surfaced with the attempt taken by minister of mass media on two occasions to oust Mrs. Inoka Sathyangani who incidentally was attending to her duties as chairperson of national rupavahini corporation amidst various obstructions which actually did not materialise. The closest reason for this incident it is reported of Kelum Palitha Mahirathna being appointed as the chairman of new rupavahini. In the instance that the chairperson of the corporation being notified to vacate her post which she refused to comply with and subsequent to which Sanjeewa Wijeygoonawardena was appointed as chairman of the corporation a few months ago while she still has not completed her tenure. However, he was hampered by starting his duties for the reason that Inoka was continuously pinned to her seat. 

After the transfer failed Kelum Palitha Mahirathna, the minister of mass media was appointed as the new chairman last fifth. Though the new chairman arrived at rupavahini premisses yesterday (9) he had difficulty in gaining access. Subsequently, the new chairman remained at a room in Sri Lanka radio corporation and was not able to enter the corporation premises; after which the new chairman has proceeded home. 

What was reported in the evening was that the President has has taken over rupavahini. As such, another chairman would be affiliated quite soon. This incident then is not a solution for an internal problem but a political strategy, some ideas were expressed. 

On a background when the elections commission has authority to call for a Presidential election at any time from today (10) onwards, this is identified as a step taken by President Maithripala Sirisena for the purpose of election propaganda with the advantage of using the national media. If at all an election is called for, it could be identified that this was a strategy launched in advance because powers at the disposal of the President to subject state institutions and make changes in appointments would be abolished.   

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