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Chase those who put their faces to the camera by getting close t

Chase those who put their faces to the camera by getting close to Gota - Mahinda --- Advice from Basil

In the speech delivered by minister Basil addressing his group at Podu Jana Peramuna office at Nelum Mawatha recently, he advised to chase away those who put their faces to the camera by being close to Gota and Mahinda. This is what he said: "The special point is the intervention of unnecessary persons. For example if someone gives a voice-cut to the media ... only those who should be there are to be in the background at that place. Without struggling to poke the face, give an opportunity for those relevant to the field. When talking
about it I recollected a nice story ... something that happened to Mr. D.S. Senanayaka. One day he had gone to Anuradhapura. Those days there was no media like this, no ... only Lake House was there.

It was a photographer from Daily News who had gone there to cover proceedings there. The said photographer had wanted to capture a photo of D.S. So the photographer has got his camera ready and when he was just about to take the photograph, a peon nearby had got close to D.S. After getting close he has asked D.S. murmuring in his ear, 'Sir what do you drink?' The photographer bends down his camera and and appears to be angry. Then once again when he is just about to take the photo with the camera held ready, the peon gets close to D.S. happens to ask, 'Sir what do you drink ... do you drink thambili?' It is now very clear to the cameraman as to what this peon is going to do. When the cameraman takes his camera and gets ready, the peon once again gets close to D.S. Instantly the photographer has bends down his camera. D.S.of course had then realised what it was. He had then called the peon close to him and had asked him to get to a side and wait. So don't let things like that happen", Basil has explained.  

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