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Story told by Atalugama Fathima having suffered from extremism ... a lie?

Story told by Atalugama Fathima having suffered from extremism ... a lie?

Abdul Hassan Fathima who conducted a media briefing saying that she underwent suffering at the hands of Muslim extremists in Atalugama area recently yesterday (6) and her statements were recorded by criminal investigation department for a period of close upon six and a half hours. In the meantime, what Atalugama villagers who were involved in a press discussion said was that the said lady told was false. 

A lady named Abdul Hassan Fathima together with general secretary of Bodu Bala Sena,
Galagodaaththe Gnanasara thero complained at a media discussion that she faced strong influence because she married a Sinhalese person from Atalugama Mosque. In the process, three families of the twelve Sinhalese families living in Atalugama area and representatives of Muslim mosques in the area had got together had conducted a media briefing last 4th and rejected those allegations. 

Member of All Ceylon Jamaithulla Ulama Organisation, Mr. Amher Hakamdeen said that villagers had visited her house in connection with an issue concerning her character, on which occasion a problematic situation has flared up. He further added that the Masjid mosque or moulavis are behind this incident and that there is no special Sharia law operating for Atalugama. 

A female who came on that occasion expressed that this Fathima had on March 24th night spent the night with an illicit man and that villagers had had gone there and phoned police and got them down. She further mentioned that they visited the location concerned in the company of two police officers and in addition the Sinhalese people too went there. She next said that the two persons in the house were taken out of the house, manacled. She also said that neither the lady concerned nor the children were beaten in any manner and no request was made for her to give up her religion. She added that no influence was made on her by the mosque either. 

In the meantime, according to a call by criminal investigation department,Abdul Hassan Fathima had come this morning around 9.30 and statements from her was recorded for about six and a half hours.    

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