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Spectrum airplane that scans underground ...  at Katunayaka airport

Spectrum airplane that scans underground ...
at Katunayaka airport

The aeroplane Spectrum airliner belonging to South Africa which incidentally created a great sensation around the world is at this time parked at Katunayaka International Airport. The said airliner arrived at Bandaranaike Airport yesterday (7). 

This is an airliner which has been registered with the company Spectrum Air Property and is an H.C.
47 type airplane. This airplane after being brought down about 10,000 feet ... while still in the motion of flying itself is an airliner which could scan as deep as 800 meters into the interior of the earth. 

While there are several other airliners of this type belonging to this company, it is a firm that goes to various countries and is involved in making inspections into the depth of the earth. Three members of the staff of this airliner have come and by this time they have travelled to the interior of the island to take a rest. This airliner after refuelling the necessary fuel, is expected to set off to the city of Manila in the Philippines tomorrow (9). 

In the meantime, Mr. Cyril Ramposa, President of South Africa has visited Sri Lanka Katunayaka Airport twice during his journey to attend the G - 20 conference in Japan. 

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