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"What police said that I drove under liquor ... not really true!" -- Lalkantha

"What police said that I drove under liquor ... not really true!" -- Lalkantha 

Lalkantha, member of political bureau of JVP on alleged charges of driving negligently under influence of liquor some days back after being detained for some days in remand prison was released on bail yesterday (7). 

A discussion sprung up after this incident that it is a questionable matter that a staunch member of a party on which a great focus is given about personal principles. Stalwarts of the party have said that,
as prior to this those who were engaged in violation of discipline were dealt with, this will be inquired into. 

Whatever it is, after being released on bail what Lalkantha said was a different story. As this was a case that was being heard in court, though he did not make any direct comments in this respect, what can be inferred by what he did say was that statements to the effect that he was in drunken stupor was false. 

"Sri Lanka Police can make 'goraka' ... illegal meat and illegal meat ... 'goraka'. People in this country know that very well. People should not accept everything that police say is true. If so ... in that case a judiciary is not required in this country, no", he said. 

"On the last first, the vehicle I was driving struck a motor cycle and had an accident. I regret that I was not able to avert that accident. On one side I am consoled that I was able to save her life without causing serious hurt. On that occasion it was the motor cycle which was beyond control that struck my vehicle. That is the truth. I was involved in police inquiries and allowed them to proceed with their duty. After that I was produced before government judicial medical officer and subsequently I was remanded for fourteen days. Having filed a motion ... was granted bail. 

First of all, we will see what could be done for the sake of the victim and do out utmost. Several attorney at law appeared on my behalf. I thank all of them. All this took place according to the law. There are persons among us who have arrears. There are those who have political arrears. There are those who are involved in various agendas. We have a problematic situation  regarding some reports of the police. We hope to bring it before court and have it settled there", he finally added.  

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