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Is it police big  wig who got down beef - fish for party from Rathgama businessmen and later issued orders to murder them?

Is it police big  wig who got down beef - fish for party from Rathgama businessmen and later issued orders to murder them? 

A sensation was created around the country that of the two Rathgama businessman who were abducted, the first Rathgama businessman had died after being assaulted, one police officer in the scene has taken a telephone call to a higher officer and had obtained instructions, it has now been revealed. 

What is revealed by such information is that that higher officer has given orders to murder the other suspect too and thus cover up the murders. Police sources say that inquiries are underway to
determine veracity of relevant information. Another issue that crops up in the process of investigations is that though it is recorded that complaints have been made to Rathgama Police and deputy inspector general of police; no inquiry has been conducted in that connection. It is thus reported that inquiries will be conducted in order to ascertain who influenced householders of disappeared suspects by misleading them after conducting no inquiry about the kidnapping for three weeks under the influence of a high police officer. 

It was on last January 23rd that two businessman were abducted and about a week later, as revealed by now, fish and meat were obtained for a party from these two businessmen. Under these circumstances of such friendship, the incident has turned into a case where this is not an instance that was a search for weapons; but a part of personal revenge. About three weeks after the kidnapping, surveillance of the abduction was handed over the murder investigation unit of criminal investigation department and what was revealed from investigations of the unit concerned was that the two youth who were abducted from Rathgama  had been taken to a house in Gonamulla, Akmeemana and was killed after which the bodies were transported to Walasmulla reserve where the bodies were set on fire. 

On instructions of senior deputy inspector general of police in charge of criminal investigation department Mr. Ravi Seneviratna and and its director, senior superintendent of police, Mr. Shani Abeysekera, officer in charge of murder investigation unit, chief inspector of police, Mr. Ranjith Munasingha and his team mates are involved in investigations. 

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