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Anuradhapura devala packed with politicians coming for light-reading!

Anuradhapura devala packed with politicians coming for light-reading!

With the advent of political unrest in the country, both former politicians as well as politicians who have so far not secured portfolios as several ministers in the present government have visited a strong devala in Anuradhapura in order to knowing the forecast well in advance the political situation that would prevail in the country and had been breaking rest throughout the night till their turn would come.

Politicians of both parties for and against the government have been coming to this devala which lies close to Anuradhapura town to have a quick forecast to know what the future would be like, with this
new change, it was reported. Ii was understood that a group of people who supports Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa had come here during the past few days.

This group who are closely attached to Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, clad in white clothing had remained at this place breaking rest in the night at this place; but were unable to come to know anything said by the devas about the the political revolution. Several strong characters in the country had come to this place which stands close to Anuradhapura city throughout the past few years in order to know in advance the forecasts and because of a prediction which hit the mark, this place has acquired an immense popularity.

As a result of the above reason it was reported that this place was subjected to great praise and honour from powerful people in this country. Various forms of invocations of blessings of gods took place in sacred places of historical significance pleading for support to the present government while the stand of former minister of Disaster Management Mr. Duminda Dissanaika has changed and a group of supporters has held a special poojawa in the holy land of Mihintale behind Kantaka Chetiya day before yesterday (30) pleading for a favourable decision to Prime Minister Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa and the government.

- Mahesh Wijeysuriya-

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