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Priyani dies from husband's attack with scissor the very day she meditated at aramaya and returned home

Priyani dies from husband's attack with scissor the very day she meditated at aramaya and returned home

Police who are in the process of conducting investigations on singer Mrs. Priyani Jayasingha rather unexpectedly last night have been able to uncover a host of other information regarding same, it is understood. 

Though Mrs. Priyani Jayasingha has won a name as a singer and was involved in various other fields relevant to it, no co-operation in particular was extended to her by her husband in that connection.
For a period of time there had been misunderstandings between the two of them and she has ignored the conflicts between them and had been spending time in caring for her children. Information received so far say that her husband's beating and the conflicts at the home had become a common occurence. He had beat her on a number of occasions and she had been to the police several times. It was learned that the issues were settled y the minor offences section and were sent back home.

During this time, about an year ago a problem has cropped up which she could not bear anymore and according to a complaint she had made to police, he was prohibited from coming home for a period of about one year. During that period he had not come home because of this legal prohibition and had returned home a few months before this; but the previous misunderstandings have not stopped. However, the misunderstandings have not ceased. Because of this never-ending pressure, she had felt terribly dejected. With no solution to these issues, with the thought of calming her mind, Priyani had been to an aramaya to meditate. This activity she had been used to even before. Whatever it is, she had been to the aramaya yesterday the 8th and on having returned home her husband had got involved in a clash with her and has had a quarrel with her. 

This is what er son said in relation to the incident of death: "I heard amma shouting 'Hashi, come and rescue me'. I rushed into the room. There was nobody there when I went there. There was a scissor on the floor. There were injuries on mother's body. What I realised was that father had assaulted mother. When I went, mot gasping for breath. Immediately the police were informed and she was taken to hospital; but then amma was no more". 

After murdering the wife, Rasika Eden Prabath, her husband was cornered by police this morning. He was arrested near Panadura railway station, police say. The post-mortem and further investigations are to be conducted, Police inquiries are underway.   

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