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​"What police media spokesman says is untrue" -- news briefing from Anuradhapura mother and daughter

​"What police media spokesman says is untrue" -- news briefing from Anuradhapura mother and daughter

Police media spokesman Mr. Ruwan Gunasekera revealed information concerning the statement of 'stripping off clothes' and hiding the pedigree of her dead husband which led ​the country astray in the incident relating to the incident where Sujeewa the garage-owner was subjected to murder recently in Anuradhapura. 

A news briefing was held yesterday (9) by Sujeewa's wife and daughter who wailed and shouted by creating a leading story in the media. What they said by speaking over 5 main rupavahini channels in
front of microphones was that what police media spokesman said was untrue. Whatever it is, Sujeewa's wife evaded certain allegations without replying to them. They refrained from making mention about the 4 cases in court against Sujeewa, threats of acid being thrown and about calls about a politician being involved. What was mentioned at the news briefing is as follows:

Sujeewa's wife: "If there is a court case of this type of sexual nature ... inquire from Anuradhapura court. Ask him to take a book and go all over Anuradhapura district. Who is this Ruwan ... this media spokesman? Check whether my husband is a sexually immoral person. Tell him to ask from all women in Anuradhapura"

Media correspondent: Isn't it said that there are 5 court cases against Sujeewa and that one of those is the incident of assaulting Chaminda?

Sujeewa's wife: "There is no truth in Chaminda being assaulted. It was I and my mother who had the almsgiving. Son and a son called Pasindu came on the bike. I ad my husband came in the car. Just then I saw something like a black-coloured car coming from behind ... the same vehicle used for the murder. When the person called Chaminda used a nickel knife on my son fell on the ground like this. When he bent down, husband went and hit Chaminda ... I won't say no ... he gave one blow. All those thugs of Chaminda chased behind us. Later they smashed our pierce. I put the pierce in police. These thugs who reversed the vehicle then went away. That is the true incident. These two didn't go. It was at 4.30 this incident took place. 

Media correspondent: Wasn't a statement given about the incident of removing the clothes?
Sujeewa's daughter: One lady told that about 20 fellows are assaulting malli. When I went, my dress was pulled down from the waist. After that I was slapped on the face and my abdomen was trampled, removed the zip and exposed. Then after that some ladies there shouted saying that mother's necklace was removed. There were about 20 there ... can't remember the exact number. Then police asked me and took down a statement from me. 

Sujeewa's wife: When warded at the hospital two policemen came and took a statement from daughter. The statement that clothes were removed is with me.

Sujeewa's daughter: The point that it is not recorded is my question. Why it happens to be so. 

Media correspondent: It is said that the 'B' report has been given by now.

Sujeewa's wife: The police may have given the 'B' report in an incorrect manner. It is from the police that has to be questioned. 

Media correspondent: They ask whether these things are told after 9 months. 
Sujeewa's wife: I could not check about it. What I thought was that courts would call for a case. When I asked the police they say that on such and such a day you will get the summons; and then you'll go to be present for the case.

Sujeewa's daughter: Since the media spokesman said like that, everybody is making comments and messages saying 'remove your clothes and show will you ... I'll marry you even if you have been abused. So many odd things ... can't even looked at. how can I go on the road.

Sujeewa's wife: My eldest daughter is married from a respectable family. Podi duwa also is to be married from a respectable family. That also has come to a halt because police media spokesman said a thing like that. What shall we do ... if we are murdered?

Sujeewa's daughter: If we are killed ... will police media spokesman hold himself responsible ... I ask. 


Police media spokesman has responded once again to this accusation last evening and having refuted those allegations, what he has said was that a video about the incident of sexual assault is available and that they could release it to the media if necessary.  

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