I don't have a big scene - Ajith Muthukumarana

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I don't have a big scene - Ajith Muthukumarana

Recently, there was a rumour on the internet that singer Ajith Muthukumarana had left singer Kay Sujeewa and her two children and returned to his old family. After the incident, K Sujeewa told the media that it had been a year since Ajith had left him and that he was now alone. Ajith Muthukumarana, who was calm in the midst of this commotion, has given an interview to a newspaper last weekend.

However, he has been careful not to say a word or directly about his marriage dispute in this interview. However, he says it indirectly.

Part of that discussion is as follows.

What kind of a character is Ajith Muthukumarana?

 I don't have a big scene.Live on the earth. I suffered a lot. I lost my father when I was eight. I feel sad when one person says one thing. Maybe take the bus, go on the Fossil bike, go on the Furodo Defender. Such a man was born from this experience. There are still questions in life. I feel that I have the strength and courage to face them and move forward.

Have you become a popular character on the internet these days?

Like ... both good and bad are coming. That's how life goes. When trying to make a living, we tend to fall when certain things go wrong. But when you get stuck in the rocks, that journey also has a shape. In the end, the important thing is to save what we have left. I do not regret the loss. Is there any regret in life? No ... I think I always made the right decisions. But when we make decisions in life, we may have made bad decisions at some point. That's right then. Those things are over. There is no point in regretting now.