It was okay to talk about giving sanitary napkins today - Sanjeewani Weerasinghe

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 It was okay to talk about giving sanitary napkins today - Sanjeewani Weerasinghe

The government has decided to provide sanitary napkins free of charge to school children in grades 6 to 13 islandwide. The prime minister and the Minister of Education are working together to submit a proposal to the Cabinet, media reported recently.

Talks about providing free sanitary napkins first came to the fore during the last presidential election. That was when the then-presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa presented his set of policies and proposals. He said that once he becomes the President, he will provide free sanitary napkins to women in this country.

At that time there was a great deal of protest in the country against this statement. Singer and actress Sanjeewani Weerasinghe had said this at the Sri Lanka People's Front Joint Public Operations Center.

"A presidential candidate is trying to give these things (sanitary) to our women without any shame. These Sinhala men have a good ability to bring their wife's sanitary napkins. I say that without fear. You have eliminated the two fears of shame of women to get some votes. Our men have very respectable husbands. They do them. Don't worry about them."

She said this in an interview with a newspaper.

"We are making a statement based on the current situation in the country. We are not looking at the future or the past. At that time, there was a serious security issue in the country. The bombs explode. Things we had never heard of. We had only heard of the Thirty Years' War. About 1,500 mothers are said to have sterilized a man named Safi. Meanwhile, a presidential election is coming. In the meantime, to the best of my knowledge, I chose to support Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

The only question I had was when Sajith Premadasa was in power for four and a half years. Wasn't this a sanitary issue? This problem has existed since time immemorial. It would be good if it could be given to all women, not from 6 to A / L. But this should be possible. This is very close to a presidential election. A candidate is talking about sanitation while sitting in a situation where life in the country is insecure, and another bomb could explode in the country at any moment. ල

I was talking about the dignity of men and the dignity of women in our country, not to say don't give this up. I am ashamed to say that the people of our country just give anything. People do not think about whether this is possible or not. I have already admitted that I did what I was told. I don't remember if they did what they said at first. With the meagre economy we have, we have more priorities to do. We cannot do it all at once.

We even have a list of needs at home. It does not allow the need for the 10th place more than the second place. I said keep the election close and don't say things like that. It doesn't matter if you can do it. But I will not allow my daughter or me to take anything for free for life. Even if I lose my job, I will sweep the road and find it. It is bad for our women to learn to touch someone. I was helping low-income people. I spoke that day with the impulse of those promises.

You said it was better to give self-employment to our women. Not to say, don't give it to women. It doesn't matter who gave it. But now there is a difference in giving. There will be no general election tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It is not being used as an election riot. There is a big difference in the fact that this is at the level of a discussion while facing the corona crisis during the government. '

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