Kochchi exuberant sought after FM radio presenter

In Sri Lanka there is a abundant of FM radio channels V.I.Z.,Sooriyam FM, Hiru FM,Shaa FM.Siyatha FM,Neth FM,Shakthi FM.Live FM ,ITN FM,Capital FM etc etc.In all these channels the prime intention of each FM radio channel is to impose attention of majority of listeners is to draw the maximum audience in terms of popularity,In Sri Lanka a survey has not been done as yet to classify the popularity of each FM channel.However each FM channel adopt various strategies to attract many listeners as possible.To attain this goal each FM channel attempt to deploy the best presenter, some two presenters. Sometimes FM channels even adopt a strategy to change presenters. 

However one presenter in a certain FM channel is Kochchi alias Thilini Poornima Kulasiri who has been presenting a certain popular FM radio channel for about three years had grown in stature , had impressed many listeners with her flamboyant presenting style.She is a bit of an eccentric presenter using a language exclusively conducive to her, that is not so common.Her fans are increasing daily at present she is becoming difficult in coping with the fans to oblige with request for songs.She has in her in addition to her sweet adorable voice a variety of words such as ‘patiya’, ‘what nonsense, No No No, toin, ‘what wedding’ ( mona magulathda).’methana’ which are used constantly in addition to the peculiar impressive laugh in her own inimitable style.It is entertaining abundantly to all listeners who invariably await her to commence her belt .Kochchi loves her wide audience speaks to attract their hearts lovingly.In addition to acceding to fan requests for songs she is also obliged to wish for birthdays, anniversaries, happy moments etc.

Kochchi has drawn fans from all walks of life even septuagenarians ( over seventy years old), the writer himself. office workers,housewives, those in the twilight years relaxing in bed during the period 2PM to 5 PM on all week days when she presents the program.It is learned that elderly people listen to Kochchi’s FM channel while relaxing on bed.The fans from many institutions like DHL,DSI,Communication centres,Restaurants, Cafe’s, Transport offices,Trading institutions etc, request for songs while at work which Kochchi promptly obliges.Perhaps the employees in these variety of institutions do get an impetus to get out of any monotony in their work. The manner Kochchi addresses all of them is very commendable winning the hearts of all fans.There is much doubt whether any other FM channel obliges fans in this astute manner.It is difficult to put her indispensable remarkable attitude into words. Those who listen to her would know of this unique capability.There is not any dull moment between the period 2 PM to 5 PM when Kochchi is on air, which is a hall mark of her tremendous success .In addition like in no other FM channel she has so many fans requesting songs from many parts of the world like UK,Israel, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Korea,,Australia and many other overseas countries

In the contents of the aforesaid the service rendered by Kochchi to the FM radio she is attached to need to be hailed to an unprecedented high ebb.

Sunil Thenabadu in Brisbane….