Champion of target shooting behind SF Lokka assassination

Police are investigating the murder of an SF Lokka in Anuradhapura recently and have received several clues about the suspects.
The assailant fired a T-56 assault rifle within three seconds.

Police investigating the murder of the SF lokka have revealed that eight shots were fired and five of the eight shots were fired at the SF lokka's chest.

 A resident of the Anuradhapura Industrial Area, R.A. Iron Ranasinghe alias SF lokka, accused in eight criminal cases, died.

Two unidentified persons on a motorbike had fired shots at the SF boss in the chest within eight seconds. Has been revealed.

Meanwhile, the SF lokka had correctly identified the gas tank of the car in which he was travelling, aimed at it and fired at the car which had set the car on fire. The woman who claimed to be his girlfriend who was travelling in the car with the SF lokka at the time of the attack. Investigators have also established that he is a person who has a unique ability to shoot at a target enough to pull all the shots in a way that does no harm.