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A student of the Kaithadi Siddhayurveda University in Jaffna, Corona yesterday (14th) evening
He has been admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital on suspicion of being infected.

The student had
been suffering from a high fever for two days and was suspected of having a corona infection. As soon as the student is hospitalized
There is a strong demand from the students to close the Ayurveda University, and the governing body has stated that there is no need to close the university as it has not been concluded that the student has definitely contracted coronavirus. Meanwhile, a boat owner in Jaffna who is suspected to have contracted corona has been arrested by the Navy and the Police Special Task Force on the evening of the 14th.
The Navy and the Police Special Task Force (STF) have arrested a boat owner in the Wembadi seas off the north-western coast of Vadamarachchi in Jaffna, who has links with drug traffickers in India, on a tip-off that he was suffering from coronavirus.

Vavuniya - Rasadi Chathurangi Gamage

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