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Prince Charles of Britain ... corona victim!

Prince Charles of Britain ... corona victim!

Foreign media reported that after a corona check was made on Prince Charles, heir to the British throne .. was found positive. A press release by Clarence Haus issued this morning said that the 71 year old royal had become infected by covid-19. This news has been reported by leading British media including BBC Sky News. The said announcement says that he displayed 'mild symptoms' and
is in a sound state of health. 

The above medical examination was carried out on Princess Camelia (72) and her results turned negative and according to government and media, Prince Charles is under treatment ... isolated in Scotland. It is understood that Prince Charles had met Prince Albert of Monaco during the early period of this month and subsequently Prince Albert was subject to the virus in a positive manner. It is learned that 62 year old Prince Albert was seated in front of Prince Charles at the Water Aid festival held in London. Nine days later the virus had positively got hold of Prince Charles. 

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