White van crook friends vomit further information: "Minister Rajitha told us to say so"

White van crook friends vomit further information: "Minister Rajitha told us to say so"

White van crook friends vomit further information: "Minister Rajitha told us to say so"

Colombo chief magistrate court was informed by criminal investigation department that suspects said that they were told by former minister Rajitha Senaratna, "If you'll try to put right about the white van incident .. actually you'll will have to go in the white van!" 

These suspects further told that they told at the media briefing that Prabhakaran's gold and foreign money was given to Saranga Jewellers and after turning them into cash would be directed to Mr.
Gotabhaya across that jewellery shop ... on instructions of former minister Mr. Rajitha Senaratna, the criminal investigations department had informed court through the 'B' report.  It is mentioned in the report forwarded to court by criminal investigation department that the two suspects of this incident Sakalavalli Aaarachchige Sarath Kumara and Watareka Gamage Athula Sanjeewa Madanayaka alias "Undiyal Athula" had mentioned so by giving their statements. According to what is stated in the 'B' report forwarded to court by criminal investigation department, the first accused in this incident, the person called Sakalavalli Aarachchhige Sarath Kumara has mentioned this by giving a statement to criminal investigation department. 

"I am employed as a driver. Last October 22nd or on a nearby date we had a drink with my brother Upul Thushara at a house at friend called Asanka. One Athula Sanjeewa Madanayaka came there and told some information about the white van. About three days later my brother Upul Kumara spoke to me over the phone and told that he had a discussion with Deraniyagala chairman about the white van issue and asked whether to fix a date with minister Rajitha. I then asked the reason to meet minister Rajitha. At that point he said that it is necessary to have a media meeting. My brother said that a payment would be made for this discussion. So I gave my consent for it. Accordingly last October 25th or somewhere close to the 30th to meet minister Rajitha we came to Kadawatha and got into a car and proceeded to his home in Bauddhaloka Mawatha. The time then was about 10.30 in the night. Later having listened to our story he said, "I have the top part of it with me. What I want is the bottom part. There is a captain involved in the white van case". He told all the details. He then suggested to tell about both Athula's incident and Keluwa's incident and have a media meeting. 

After saying that he asked, "We know all necessary details and documents. Can you'll do it?" The minister then asked a Muslim nearby, "What are your charges?" We came to know that he was minister's secretary, Rumi. We said we want 30 lakhs. Rumi asked whether we can bring it down. Then minister Rajitha said, "It won't stop here ... we'll help you. Will give two houses to stay ... will find you two jobs as labourers or some jobs at the American consulate office. Will send you'll with families". 

Then we reduced it to 20 lakhs. After agreeing to tell the story, we were given a printed list and told to memorise it. Didn't give a paper like that to the hand. Memorised everything therein the paper. Later Mr. Rumi spoke to me on November 9th and said, "Will send you a vehicle at 5 in the morning ... they'll be taken to the relevant place". We then told that we can't tell those things with a natural face and not to change the face. Later we were snt a vehicle on November 10th. We then went to a lonely house in I.D.H. and changed our faces. Attached moustaches and beards and put on glasses. After that, we went to a place called 'prajawa' at 10.30 in the morning and thus attended the media. When going there the minister told not to get frightened and that it is his place. The minister also said that if there was a complicated moment, he would look after it. 

We stayed there for half an hour. We were given 20 lakhs. I participated in this media discussion on advice given by minister Rajitha. I did this specially because I was getting money. After the discussion at the minister's house, it was false information in the paper given to me. I had not participated in anything mentioned there. tI said things like kidnapping people, torturing people .. because those things were there in the paper given to me. 

Mr. Rajitha Senaratna gave instructions to tell at the media briefing that money was being directed to Mr. Gotabhaya across owner of Saranga Jewellery. For saying so he gave Rs. 10 lakhs. Was also promised an opportunity to secure a job with members of family at consulate America's Great England office. As stated in the report forwarded to court by criminal investigation department the second suspect, Watareka Gamage Athula Sanjeewa Madanayaka alias 'Undiyal Athula' making his statement mentioned as follows:

"I am a three-wheel driver. I was taken into custody on October 7th in the year 2013 near Ragama railway station by inspector of police, Mr. Saman and a team of police officers including Mr. Das. I was so arrested for the incident transporting gold from Jaffna to Colombo and for looting euros. I was handed over to the Colombo crimes division on November 1st in the year 2013. Later on detention orders I was kept back in that division and was interrogated. On information exposed by me, Bulugahahandiye Ruwan, Angoda Shirantha and Peliyagoda Susil surrendered to CID. There is a court case regarding this crime in No. 3 magistrate court, Colombo. In the same way, another case is going on in magistrate court, Negombo a case of looting of Rs. 10 lakhs cash in Kandana. 

According to an inquiry conducted by Colombo crimes division, I was remanded on January 30th, 2014. I was allowed bail by court in the year 2017. Though bail was allowed, I was waiting without being ale to fulfill bail conditions and was finally released last March 27th on a personal bond.I met my best friend Sarath Kumara at Gampaha. As Sarath had no job, he was pating stickers in the police division. Sarath told me to help the matter ... that something will be given. Sarath has told a friend of his by the name of Upul that I have come out. That friend had informed Mr. Polgampala, provincial council member of Deraniyagala and it was after that we went to minister Rajitha's home at 9 in the night of November 4th or 5th. 

The minister told me to say that the owner of the gold and euros transported from Jaffna is Prabhakaran and to say that those will be sold to Saranga Jewellery and that the monies sent to Gotabhaya across Saranga. Before the media discussion I was given Rs. 10 lakhs saying that the rest will be given later. 

Before the media meeting, we went to a solitary house in I.D.H. and put on our make-up. At the media briefing minister Rajitha sat on my left. There, Sarath was introduced as Antony Douglas Fernando who functioned as the owner and driver of the white van. I of course introduced myself in my own name. He introduced himself by saying what happened to the gold in Jaffna and the foreign money. According to minister Rajitha Senaratna's talk, photographs of Sarath who appeared in the guise of Douglas were shown to the media. Those photos incidentally were given by the minister. 

These two suspects who participated in a media discussion with Mr. Rajitha Senaratna and revealed about the white van incident were ordered to be remanded by court last sixteenth till next 27th. 
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