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"When Gotabhaya makes the country ... North - East people will realise -- Karuna Amman

"When Gotabhaya makes the country ... North - East people will realise -- Karuna Amman

"Mr. Gotabhaya won because of votes of Sinhala people. A few Tamils also voted Mr. Gotabhaya. Now everybody's mentality is okay", Former deputy minister and leader of Tamil National Freedom Alliance Vinayagar Muralitharan alias Mr. Karuna Amman has told a newspaper yesterday (22). He has also stated that he is very happy about a leader who can do something for the country being
elected. Mr. Karuna Amman who spoke further on this occasion said as follows:

"I went from village to village and made Tamil and Muslim folk understand matters and that was to vote for Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. But a majority of them cast their vote to Mr. Sajith. A small minority of the Tamil community voted for Mr. Gotabhaya. I offer my tribute particularly to people of Batticaloa and Mullaitivu. Though was a participant of Mr. Gotabhaya's victory, the Muslim community did not give support to Mr. Gotabhaya in the least. They made a big mistake. 

Now in any case Mr. Gotabhaya will make the whole country. Then people in the North - East will understand who actually is working for the country. If I too happen to get a ministerial post, I will go ahead in building up houses with president Gotabhaya Rajapaksa  for the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities who are without a proper place to live. At the same time steps will be taken to change all attitudes of the people. 

Heroin and liquor will be controlled. In the same way, a control would be brought upon underground gangs, 'kappam' gangs and criminals. During the past regime, this trend of crime increased in the North. The people lived with such fear. 

(Pradeep Prasanna Samarakoon -  Divaina)

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