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"Military family comes into power ... a person accused of war crimes, becomes president!" -- protests against BBC report

"Military family comes into power ... a person accused of war crimes, becomes president!" -- protests against BBC report

After Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was appointed the 7th executive president of Si Lanka, it is reported that some false information has been publicised across a certain television feature that has been relayed to the international audience by the BBC channel of England about him. 

In this connection it is reported that public opposition of Sri Lanka has begun to emerge and a
petition too has begun to be signed across the internet. 

The programme concerned opens up saying that a military family which launched a battle for votes has once again grabbed power. Much of the news conveyed by the lady presenter is full of false information of the Tamil diaspora targeted at the civil war in Sri Lanka and towards the end of the programme a statement uttered by a girl in tears to the effect that because of the war her people have been subjected to injustice ... which scene is shown with the girl at a location where the inhuman operations took place. The entire programme has been targeted to show that a war criminal has become the president of Sri Lanka. 

During the programme the LTTE organisation is not identified as a terrorist group but instead is interpreted only as a revolutionary organisation, which is of special interest. What is mentioned by BBC about the change of administration in Sri Lanka, its leaders and the army is highly derogatory. Sources utilised by BBC for the information is an instance of distorting the true image. 

The said video has been released to YouTube but the section where comments are to be made has been covered in a manner that nobody is able to respond. A silent protest march was seen in front of the British High Commission yesterday (21) asking that a  correction be effected and thus to remove false propaganda launched against president Gotabhaya Rajapaksa by BBC. Maha sangha, other members of the clergy and representatives of civil organisations handed over a letter to be given to British prime minister. In the process, an internet petition of one and a half lakhs expressing the protest is being signed. The BBC report, from below

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