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Attention focused on foreign media about Switzerland lady visa officer being abducted and being questioned

Attention focused on foreign media about Switzerland lady visa officer being abducted and being questioned

The chief officer in charge of the visa section of Switzerland consulate in Sri Lanka who had been leaving office was abducted and had been released a short while later. The kidnappers in the van had questioned her as to how Nishantha Silva has obtained the visa ... a complaint has been lodged with the Switzerland consulate office. 

After Nishantha Silva the CID officer has fled the island recently to Switzerland with his family the
government has banned all CID officers in travelling overseas in that manner. Police has launched a special investigation in connection with the consulate lady officer being kidnapped, foreign affairs ministry says. Switzerland consulate has taken steps to confront minister of foreign affairs Dinesh Gunawardena and prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa last afternoon (27) and on that occasion the subject concerned has been discussed. The government has agreed to carry out a formal inquiry about it. 

Though this incident was reported two days before, a description about the incident was not published in any main stream media in the beginning and since the police spokesman's office has yesterday disconnected all telephones and has thus not provided any statement to the media, attempts made by the media to inquire about the matter, no responsible response was forthcoming. 

In the meantime a media correspondent questioned minister Bandula Gunawardena yesterday at cabinet decisions media briefing about this to which he has responded saying that it is a query to be made from inspector general of police. In this connection news was flashed across several foreign media saying that the harassment caused to a diplomatic officer was a serious incident. The reference in this respect, from below:

Swiss Info report: 

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