As relatives reject dead body of Kingsbury hotel bomber ... court orders released to bury him in Borella kanaththa

As relatives reject dead body of Kingsbury hotel bomber ... court orders released to bury him in Borella kanaththa

As relatives reject dead body of Kingsbury hotel bomber ... court orders released to bury him in Borella kanaththa

It was terrorist Mohommed Azam Mohommed Mubarak who launched the suicide attack by targeting Colombo Kingsbury hotel last April Easter attack. He was a member of national Thawheed Jamath organisation and though his trunk was destroyed to pieces, his head remained intact. It was at the Colombo mortuary that this part of his head remained for close upon 5 months. No relative of his had come forward to claim it. Therefore relatives were brought to court several times and relevant matters were questioned, his wife and members of relatives refused to accept it in the end. As a result, Fort magistrate, Mr. Ranga
Dissanayaka instructed the investigation department today (18) to bury his head at Borella cemetery. 

The deceased was a resident of Enderamulla and during the period the bomb was being prepared for the last time, he had been living on rent in a house down David Perera Mawatha in Katana. The address given to the house on rent was that he was a resident of John's Street, Colombo 12. With him in that house was Mohommed Kasthun who was instrumental in the suicide bomb blast at Katuwapitiya church and the Saindu Marudu assailants. 

They had in fact on seeing an advertisement published in a website in the internet of the said house down David Perera Mawatha in Katana and after paying funds of national Thawheed Jamath organisation and rented out the house concerned at a rent of 45000 for a period of one year. Mohommed Azam Mohommed Mubarak who acquired the house on rent in February after paying an advance of six months by posing off as a businessman who maintained a shoe-shop in Pettah, Colombo. 

The other assailant Kasthun living somewhere in Kandy has mentioned that he was someone who was employed as an expert in international technology. The hose owner happens to be a woman. Both her son and daughter are overseas and she has given the house on rent because she was living alone. It was Mohommed Azam Mohommed Mubarak who signs the agreement of this house on rent and it was to him that the matter of providing lodging facilities to the assailants was assigned. When signing the agreement Mubarak had notified the house owner in advance that employees of his shop too were taking refuge there. As such, three males inclusive of Kasthun, two females and two children took lodging there while it is them who were involved in the second bomb blast in Saindamarudu. 

What was revealed from investigations was that it was in this house that both bombs targeting Katuwapitiya and Kingsbury were prepared. After identifying this house where bomber Kasthun resided, CID officers subjected the house to inspection and confirmed the above facts. A small quantity of explosive material, iron balls, parts of electronic circuits, batteries, pieces of wire all of which equipment are used in preparation of bombs confirmed their observations. 

Everybody in the house has left the house on the 18th and only the two bombers have returned two days after that ... getting ready for the attack to be launched. Investigations conducted by the CID revealed that Mohommed Azam Mohommed Mubarak who carried out the suicide bomb attack on Kingsbury hotel in Colombo has maintained direct active relationships with national Thawheed Jamath organisation from the year 2014. It was further reported that this person and some others have undergone training in a secret camp in Nuwara Eliya. All these matters were hid by Mubarak from his relatives. 

This assailant's mother, elder sister and her husband identified bomber Mohommed Azam Mohommed Mubrak as the bomber involved in the attack and through a DNA examination carried out on the deceased's daughter, it was confirmed by court. Mubarak's wife Baseer Siddhiya had come to identify parts of the body of her husband and had confirmed that those were of Mubarak. Whatever it is, in the end the wife as well as relatives rejected accepting those parts of his body. 

The CID who previously informed court that his relatives refused accepting the head of the deceased has made a request a few days earlier to give an order as to what procedure to adopt in the case of the said head. Taking matters into consideration, the magistrate today issued orders that the head be buried at Borella cemetery. The magistrate further informed judicial medical officer, Colombo to release parts of the body to provincial secretary of Thimbirigasyaya for burial.  
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