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Parliamentarian Salinda died during stent process

Parliamentarian Salinda died during stent process

Kurunegala district member of parliamentarian Mr. Salinda Dissanayaka of United People's Freedom Alliance has held positions of a cabinet minister, deputy minister as well as non-cabinet minister positions. He was a father of two children and has obtained his degree in engineering from Moratuwa campus. 

As a result of a pain in the heart he was admitted to Kurunegala hospital last week. What doctors had
said was that because of a high level of cholesterol arteries in his heart have been obstructed. Due to his situation, a stent surgery to repair damaged arteries causing blockage or else a by-pass surgery was recommended. At the time Mr. Salinda was was subjected to this situation and was warded in Kurunegala hospital, opposition leader has visited him there. What could be done under those circumstances was to direct him to Colombo for the said operation. However, doctors have mentioned that blockage to arteries of the heart was somewhat serious. Some months back a similar surgery was carried out on MP Mr. Dayasiri Jayasekera and Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

Stent surgery means a process of inserting a sort of inserting a device similar to a netlike tube known as Angioplasty in conjunction with arteries of the heart to eliminate its blocks. This procedure is adopted to decrease the risk of arteries supplying blood  becoming narrow because of fat deposits within them as a result of it. 

After being notified by Colombo Nawaloka hospital that the said surgery could be carried out, it was necessary that Mr. Salinda be taken there safely. For this purpose Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has taken action to provide a helicopter in that respect. This MP who was involved in much activities of Pohottuwa in the past was also a long-time comrade of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. Anyhow he was dispatched to Nawaloka hospital by helicopter. 

Though the stent surgery was performed on the MP, his condition turned out to be serious. After the operation he was under treatment at the CCU -- however he passed away on 5th evening. Subsequently his body was arranged to be taken to his house on 6th morning after the body is sent to Jayaratna florists. Last rights of deceased member of parliament, Mr. Salinda Dissanayaka is scheduled to be conducted in Kurunegala tomorrow (8).   

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