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"I divorced from Harshana ... thank all those who sent greetings" -- Volga

"I divorced from Harshana ... thank all those who sent greetings" -- Volga

News of ups and downs and mess ups of tele-drama artistes are reported from time to time. Among them it was tele-drama duo Harshana and Volga who provided topics to tabloid supplements in weekend newspapers for a period of time. News from the time the two of them developing a romance during tele-drama performances upto the moment of their marriage was published in a fascinating manner. However, even after two years have elapsed ... what now comes to light is that the duo has separated. Though an year has passed by for over an year since the legal separation of Harshana and Volga, it is only now that they have brought it
out to the open. It is in the following manner that both have expressed it to newspapers and Volga Kalpani has replied about their marriage going on the rocks ... to questions posed to her:  

* Aren't various ideas being expressed about your marriage breaking apart?
  Yes. When talking about that issue I like to admit that I am only divorced. After that I wish to thank everybody who blessed and greeted me and ask their pardon. So what to do for it? I couldn't carry it on. It just happened like that. 

* Will you be living a solitary life in future?
  Didn't think still as such actually. But I want to say that I have nothing against anybody in my life. What I know is that life is what has been written and it should be faced. If something is written ... I will face that. 

* Does that mean that you can't live with a plan in life?
  What I spoke about is fate. There are certain occasions when we can't achieve however much we try and which we couldn't. It's one such thing that I passed through during the past. Then there are certain things which cannot be changed in life's fate. Other than facing it ... we can't do anything. We should accept this what we have received in life. That's what is called life.

Dialogue -- Dilan Krishantha

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