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Cupid who makes a getaway by cheating females and pinching 5 lakhs worth jewellery ... saying that he would marry them

Cupid who makes a getaway by cheating females and pinching 5 lakhs worth jewellery ... saying that he would marry them

A fantastic bridegroom who happened to insert an advertisement in the marriage proposals column and after getting to know a lady through it had promised to wed her had finally pinched over five lakhs worth jewellery from her had in the end vanished into thin air for a number of days being accosted by officer in charge of Galle crime investigation unit, Mr. Nishantha de Silva  and a posse of policemen was ultimately taken into custody at Neluwa, Lankagama. Jewellery robbed from the bride too has been recovered by police.

Though this fantastic bridegroom has spent time temporarily at Neluwa, Lankagama he actually
happens to be a resident of Wanduramba, it was revealed at investigations. Further inquiries are underway about this cupid and three-wheel driver who aided and abetted him in this case.

A thirty nine year old lady living in Homagama has responded to a phone number of a marriage announcement which said, "An invitation to a lady rendered helpless, without outside worries and who can take decisions on her own". The respondent is an employee of a private institution. On that occasion the person who answered the call had said that he is employed at a state institution in Kataragama and is hoping to exchange rings with a lady who is in a helpless situation.

Since her husband has left her by taking the children with him, she too has consented to his ideas. Later though both of them had been conversing across the telephone for close upon two months, he had not visited her home. Subsequently he had invited her for marriage and she too has given a positive response in that connection. Accordingly she has come to Galle with all gold jewellery and the ring belonging to her. After meeting her what he had said was that his house had been given on lease and that the lessee was to leave the following day. He has further said that they could spend that night at a hotel and that the marriage would be registered the following day and she would be escorted home after that. Under these circumstances she too has packed the necklace with the pendant round her neck, the two rings, the bracelet, the pair of ear-rings and all jewellery items in a small casket and deposited in her hand bag. The following day around 5.45 both of them had come to the Galle bus-stand to take a bus to Matara for registration of the marriage. After arriving in Matara he had wandered a little bit away from there; but as he did not turn up for quite sometime she has opened her hand bag and peeped inside the casket where the jewellery was deposited, only to find that the casket where the jewellery was deposited meant to be put into saffron water was no longer there. Not only that ... Rs. five thousand in the bag had gone missing.

Having understood what had transpired, she had returned to the station. What police said was that he had given a false identity card to the hotel where they spent the night before. Police also said that this person may have hoodwinked females in other areas and robbed them of their monies and gold jewellery.

- Tharindu Bhagya Wijehewa - 

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