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Sick daughter escorted away and after coming to pick son ... was shot!

Sick daughter escorted away and after coming to pick son ... was shot!

The incident of a father who came to school to pick his child dying from gunshot injuries by a security soldier rocked the whole country yesterday. The gunshot aimed has struck the child's father's stomach and the victim who was admitted to Karapitiya hospital with serious injuries passed away on admission. 

The deceased is a 31 year old father of three children from Galle, Pilana, Wanchawala named Udaya Pradeep Kumara. He had gone to the school saying that he got a call from school that his child had
fallen sick. Thus he has come to primary section of Upananda Vidyalaya early the day on the day of the incident and had taken his daughter away and since the elder son too was in the school he had returned to school with the daughter a few hours later and had tried to take the son away when this incident of shooting has taken place. 

In the instance he had tried to force open the gate and gain access to school premises, the army soldier who was posted on duty has obstructed him, the soldier has said. Not caring for the impeding soldier, he has darted inside from the gate and the soldier who got into immediate action has shot him, police say. Police further mention that the army soldier had cautioned this person in a hurry not to enter and subsequently the two of them had engaged in an argument as revealed in primary inquiries. 

The victim subjected to injury was taken in a three-wheeler with people who got together to some distance and later admitted to Karapitiya hospital in an ambulance. A hospital spokesman told Lankadeepa that he had passed away a short while after being admitted to hospital. 

All three children of the deceased were students of Manawila Upananda Vidyalaya. After news about the incident broke out, parents and villagers had kept rushing in to the school and had created an uproar, it was observed. Students of Manawila Upananda school were struck with great fear after this incident and was seen that some of the parents taking them home even before school was over. 

Deceased Udaya Pradeep Kumara has for sometime been served with the Navy band and later left it and had been attached to a private band. His wife too was someone who for sometime been attached to the Navy. No sooner news about the incident, Police and the Army visited the school premises and had conducted

The Army soldier who was taken into custody was someone who was affiliated to Gemunu Watch of Galle Fort. Acting Galle magistrate, Mr. Lalith Pathirana visited the location of the incident and Karapitiya hospital as well and conducted preliminary inquiries and ordered that a post-mortem be conducted. The suspect soldier is still under custody and is expected to be produced in court.  

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