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Attorney at Law injured in Shangri La bomb ...  demands Rs. 500 lakhs compensation from State

Attorney at Law injured in Shangri La bomb ...
demands Rs. 500 lakhs compensation from State

An attorney at Law who was caught in the bomb blast in Shangri La hotel and was seriously burned has demanded a compensation of Rs. 500 million from the state to damage caused to him in not having taking precautionary measures even when informed in advance of the impending attack on Easter Sunday attack and has thus filed a fundamental rights case to supreme court yesterday (10). The said petition is expected to be called in supreme court tomorrow (12). The case has been filed by Mr. Moditha Tikiri Bandara, an attorney at
Law, a resident of Thalangama. 

In this instance, former defence secretary, Hemasiri Fernando, inspector general of police Pujith Jayasundera who has been sent on compulsory leave, chief of government intelligence service, Nilantha Jayawardena, deputy inspector general of police in charge of special defence security and attorney at law including 44 have been named as respondents. Petitioner attorney has requested that fundamental rights of his and the public of this country has been violated because of not having taken proper measures at a time when the attack concerned was notified in advance and therefore to publicise it. 

The petition forwarded through attorney at law, Mr. Dilshan Manamperi states as follows: "This petitioner is a Sri Lankan and attorney at law by profession. I was subjected to a suicide terrorist attack at Shangri La hotel launched by a person called Zaharan Hasheem, leader of the organisation known as National Thawheed Jamath with co-operation of the terrorist organisation and has suffered serious burned injuries and was admitted to Colombo national hospital by a driver of Shangri La hotel hiring-vehicle. 

The petitioner further states that he has suffered critical burnt injuries to his head, face, both hands and thighs and has from there onwards had been under treatment for two days at the intensive care unit of that hospital and had been warded at the burnt injuries unit of the said hospital for a period of over a month. As a result of this bomb attack, apart from undergoing serious physical suffering has thus caused an issue with regard to the security of the public of this whole country. Under these circumstances the government ought take action about the security of the entire people of this country. As respondents because of neglecting the security of the public of the country in its proper perspective and thus basic principles of the masses have been violated. Even when being made aware in advance of this incident, not taking action in that respect, the respondents have neglected their duties. Under this situation, the attorney at law has requested through his petition that it be publicised that fundamental rights of the public as well as his is violated by the respondents and to plead from the state to grant him a sum of 500 lakhs as compensation having undergone injuries from the bomb attack. 

(Thilini de Silva) 

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