Was it 'click bank' or 'terror communication' found from Negombo?

Was it 'click bank' or 'terror communication' found from Negom

as it 'click bank' or 'terror communication' found from Negombo?

Police yesterday raided a queer type gadget centre being conducted by a Chinese national and two Tamils at a lodging place down Sylvester Road in Eththukala, Negombo. A dialogue has cropped up in social media by now as for what purpose 402 I phones of I 6 type and 17400 sim cards and 60 routers were activated on the racks there. 

The opinion of some people is that an activity known as 'click bank' had been operated there. Clicks
and 'likes' are secured through this procedure for a payment on application of somebody where stacks of 'likes' are provided to watch fraudulent websites of social media of the internet. Some people have given their opinion that an activity of this manner can be carried out by activating a large number of internet connections  at one and the same place and by changing their numbers on and off. 

Whatever it is, what police who conduct investigations in this regard say something different. It is the opinion of police that this is a place where telephone calls were made available in a clandestine manner. A posse had conducted a raid in dawn yesterday (7) according to information received about this location conducted by the Chinese national. 

When this illicit telecommunication centre was raided, this Chinese national has said that he was able to give a sum of Rs. 2 crores within two hours and to go away from the scene without raiding and when they had declined the bribe offered they had continued with their operations and had proceeded to arrest the Chinese national and the two Tamils, it was reported. 

A high official of the special task force has mentioned that international calls were allowed from this place on an illegal manner to those connected to extremist groups and Chinese nationals and other foreigners during the past period. It was revealed that this place concerned had been maintained for a period of about 6 months without permission of telecommunication regulatory commission and that five Chinese nationals had been in service here. 

Police special task force has informed that there is a possibility of taking foreign telephone calls without getting caught to Sri Lanka telephone network. It is said that during the past members alleged to belong to extremist groups have come to these two centres which offer facilities of international telephone calls and taken calls to foreigners. 

The special task force say that the said two houses were taken on rent for a period of about six months for the sum of 3 lakhs a month and this illicit telephone centres had been in operation for about six months. It has been reported that subsequent to the April 21st series of bomb blasts they had buried all these equipment and had gone into hiding at various points. The Chinese national concerned has come back here two weeks after that and had dug out the equipment and had continued to carry on operations of this illicit telecommunication centre. 

It is understood that the said Chinese national is someone who remains in this country without a valid visa and the other two suspects taken into custody are said to be residents of Kalpitiya and Negombo. Police special task force are conducting a wide-scale investigation to ascertain the truth and falsity of this information. After a message conveyed by officers of police special task force a team of specialists of telecommunication regulatory communication have gone there yesterday in order to carry out a wide-scale survey on this matter.