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Three badges of different colours for Nawalapitiya balika school ... according to type of community!

Three badges of different colours for Nawalapitiya balika school ... according to type of community!

Because of a system where students were asked to follow studies at a junior school in Soysakele, Nawalapitiya were separated by badges as Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim according to community after the recent Easter Sunday attack and were admitted to school thereafter, a member of Nawalapitiya United National Party acting electorate organiser of Nawalapitiya municipal council chairman, director of Pasbaga Koralaya Zone made a query day before yesterday afternoon at the co-ordination meeting of Pasbaga Korale held at the
auditorium of provincial secretariat. 

The chairman further made these comments: "There was no division like this during our schooldays. Those days, all male and female students who attended the same school wore only one common badge of one colour only whatever their community or religion was. Through that process what was only the school of the child; but not the community or religion as such. Because of that, all those who studied with us in school belonging to all religions and communities are our friends". But he said that it is pertinent to inquire whether it is suitable to display on the streets the nationality, identity of these junior school students according to the present situation in the country. 

Mr. K.S. Marasingha, school development officer of Pasbaga Koralaya responded saying that, "These are not actions taken with notice given to us ... therefore we shall take quick action on this matter and take suitable measures in that regard". 

In this connection municipal council member, A.H. Asurabali (JVP) questioned as to on what basis this diversification of these children were effected by informing that Sinhalese schoolgirls of Soysakele junior school come with light blue and Tamil schoolgirls in dark orange and Muslim schoolgirls dressed in light green badges come to school wearing such badges and protested accordingly. 

Athula Dissanayaka -- Nawalapitiya   

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