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Removing burka and Niqab instantly ...   supposed to give a feeling of going naked

Removing burka and Niqab instantly ... 
supposed to give a feeling of going naked 

Though a government gazette notification has been issued prohibiting face-coverings instantly, it is not possible to refrain from dresses such as burka and niqab instantly as such, director of Muslim Religious Affairs Department, Mr. M.R.M. Malik has mentioned. 

The director has also mentioned that they who have been travelling on roads covering their faces, are
faced with some discomfort and inconvenience in removing the covering now, the women say. "What some Muslim ladies told me was that having gone about covering their faces for a number of years and then all of a sudden going about with faces uncovered is like going naked on the road. As such, it will take sometime for these women to get accustomed to walking about sans the burka and niqab. It should not be considered as something incorrect", he stated. 

Whatever it is, according to the gazette notification issued by the government, Mr. M.R.M. Malik stated that he requests all Muslim ladies to act accordingly and that the Muslim society is prepared to obey any rule imposed by the state. 

- Amith Madhuranga -      

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