Makandure Madush pleads as a beggar and reveals everything to police!

Makandure Madush pleads as a beggar and reveals everything to police!

Makandure Madush pleads as a beggar and reveals everything to police!

There was less focus by the media on Madush who arrived in Sri Lanka sometime back after being expelled from Dubai for the fact that by that time the uproar which spread across the country was less significant in comparison to those who died from the bomb attack. Whatever it is, Madush who saw this country among all such pandemonium has nevertheless thought that it would have been better if if he was to receive a greater
welcome, as noted from his behaviour. He in fact has chosen to be dressed in the same dress he wore at the time he was taken into custody in Dubai and he did not hide his face or disturb those who tried to capture him on video. Kanjipani Imran said previously, just as much as he engaged in murders he was someone who desired recognition as a the thug of this country.  

Authorities of criminal investigation department, senior deputy inspector general of police, Mr. Ravi Seneviratna and senior superintendent of polic, Mr. Shani Abeysekera exercised care to see that operations of getting down Makandure Madush who was in custody in Dubai were carried out in the most clandestine manner. Thus nobody was aware until Madush was brought to the island. 

Madush had made an appeal to the court there not to expel him to Sri Lanka. But what is being exposed is that there was some underhand power had been operating at the background of that judiciary. Several politicians, businessmen and some personnel of police have been linked to such powers. Before long, names and addresses of who they are would come out into the open and that is because Makandure Madush has begun to spill out such information. 

It was during morning hours of last February 5th that Madush gets cornered to Dubai police. Madush had been celebrating the first year of his daughter's birthday at a seven star hotel with a band of his accomplices when Dubai police swamped in on him. 30 individuals other than Madush were deported to Sri Lanka and the whole gang was arrested because of the revenge taken by Moril, another heroin dealer who was taken for a ride by Madush in playing him out for 128 kilos of heroin for which Moril launched a strategy this way ... of which everybody in the country knows. 

The aforementioned group of accused were sent to this country by Dubai officials by making certain that they were pooled inside the aircraft flying to this country. But in the case of Madush was not only secured in the plane with a seat and not simply packed back to the island. Even before Madush was sent, this country too was informed about it. It was in that manner that a team of policemen comprising of an assistant superintendent of police suddenly happened to set off to Dubai. What criminal investigation department believes is that they would be able to escort Madush to this island. However that team of police officers succeed in bringing Madush to this country only on Sunday the 5th and that is three months after Madush was cornered to Dubai police. Dubai police in any case did not hand over Madush to the team of police officials of the criminal investigation department immediately as such. What officials of the criminal investigation department on the other hand had to do was to remain at the airport till Madush arrived. Thus everything transpired according to that plan. According to tha set plan even by then officers of criminal investigation department were scheduled to fly over to Sri Lanka from Dubai on the 4th night. Seats were therefore booked on UL 226 flight inclusive of Madush. 

After Madush and his crowd were taken into custody at the hotel party, Dubai police took steps to raid houses of both Madush and Kanjipani in order to check for narcotics. However they failed to find not only narcotics but even a bottle of alcohol. Instead what Dubai police took into their custody was twenty mobile phones that Madush and Kanjipani were using. A bulk of secrets of Madush and Kanjipani were detected there. In this connection Dubai police did not forget to hand over those phones in time to our police team who went to Dubai on this mission and that was on as a response made to hand over those phones to this country. 

It was with great security that Madush is escorted to Dubai airport and that is because it was on a notification made in advance that he is a criminal who laid the plan to assassinate the President of this country. The moment police authorities of that country were made aware that Madush is a criminal connected to a conspiracy of the murder of the President here Madush is detained away from other prisoners and that was by secluding him in a dark room. It was in that dark room that he was detained till he was brought to Dubai airport on 4th night. What Madush says is that he was detained in that dark room for over twenty days. What Madush thinks is that he is detained in that dark room is because of his petition not to expel him from that country which appeal he forwarded to the judiciary of that country. What Madush says when questioned is, "that case has not been filed on a plea made by me ... I don't know who did it!" 

Madush scoots off to Dubai on 2nd June in the year 2015 and that was as a resident of Gampaha having presented the name of Warnakulasooriya Ajith Aranga in his national identity card and the birth certificate on which data he obtains his passport. Though Madush is someone who is actually born on February 24th in the year 1971, the age to effect of the person whose name appears in that birth certificate is eight years less than the true present age of Madush.

It is stated that to effect Madush a safety escape to Dubai was escorted to Katunayaka in that manner under security arrangements of a minister. Presently that politician represents the opposition party in parliament. It is said that the connection between that politician is indeed an unbreakable attachment as such. He could thus be behind the appeal forwarded to Dubai requesting that Madush be not expelled from that country, for obvious reasons; or else there could be other politicians who made use of Madush. It is Kanjipani Imran and 'Wele suda' who provide necessary facilities to Madush in Dubai. It is they who take care of Madush who enter Dubai on a tourist visa ticket. It is through powers of that investment visa that Madush becomes the owner of a housing complex in Dubai. In reality, there is no investment he launched in that country for that matter. What he did was engaging in narcotics dealings and acts of murder and bribes ... directed looting procedures. Everything in fact was manipulated across the mobile phone. It is when evaluating that mobile data that it would be possible to know roots of his narcotics network and politicians as well as big heads of the police force. Even by now, analysts of telephone data of criminal investigation department have laid their hands on the matter in this regard. Madush is brought to Dubai airport to board flight UL 226 around 10.50 pm Dubai time which flight was to take off to Sri Lanka after details etched on his passport as well as notifying the security - defence system that he has been deported from that country. Dubai immigration - emigration authorities have taken precautions to secure fingerprints as well as images of Madush's eyes in order to include them in their security system. With this sort of clandestine operation in progress, Dubai police further had made it a point to refrain from Madush's paramour, Dilini Ishara now in Dubai in knowing that Madush is being expelled to Sri Lanka. In fact everything has taken place on the sly. 

"On the first days we were taken into custody there were even telephone facilities at the spot where we were detained. That place was like a home. We were even playing cards during free time. The moment the case was filed, I was whisked away from there. I don't know where they took me. I was put in a dark room. Nobody was allowed to talk to us ... was not even allowed to meet. Even Dilini was not permitted to come and see me. I did not know what was happening outside. What I thought was that I would be killed". That was the prison life in Dubai that Madush unravelled. All this Madush began blurting out on interrogation after he was brought to this country. 

The flight which brought Madush to Katunayaka landed at Katunayaka at approximately 5 in the morning on the 5th. It was when he set foot on this country that officers of criminal investigation department officially took Madush into custody. Even by that time Madush was not aware that on the the two sides of his seat were officers of the criminal investigation department. Those officers had so remained on the sides to prevent Madush from getting ready for any militant act. It incidentally was Madush who was the first passenger to be taken out from that flight. 

Madush who was in the custody of criminal investigation department was brought to Colombo after a tight security check of emigration - Immigration authorities and that was by boarding him into a van with black tinted windows and the vehicle concerned was brought to the runway. Protection for the vehicle was provided by a defender carrying a team of armed soldiers of the special task force. Both vehicles reached Colombo across the expressway route at lightning speed. 

"Aney sir, don't kill me ... I'll tell everything I know", so saying Madush fell on his knees on the fourth floor in front of officers of the criminal investigation department. Thus officers of criminal investigation department were so much baffled wondering whether it is this same Makandure Madush who at one time lived as a great hero of the underworld now shedding tears to spare his life. Madush who once threatened even police officers by mobile phone challenging that they would be murdered with their whole families has now turned into a puppy on fourth floor. 

It is with higher ups in police that Madush enjoys company. Chief of terrorist surveillance division, deputy inspector general of police, Nalaka de Silva too is one of them. Names of Nalaka and Madush too at the topmost in the list of those connected to the incident of an attempt on the lives of President Maithripala Sirisena and former secretary of defence, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. It is understood that Madush is being interrogated at length in that connection too. In that instance Madush has exposed much information in a manner that Nalaka is not able to make any getaway at all. The connection between Nalaka and Madush is clearly demonstrated from the incident at the time Nalaka de Silva was the chief of terrorist surveillance division. In this particular episode, a certain police sergeant who was on duty there happens to come across an officer of security forces at Katunayaka airport. There was a talk going round at that time that Madush had been creeping into this country on the sly. Therefore the said police sergeant informs the security officer of the airport to inform him as soon as Madush sets foot in this country. This the sergeant notifies Nalaka for the simple reason that the latter is his chief. Not even a week passes by. The security officer at the airport receives a call from Madush. In this instance Madush states the sergeant's name and reprimands him in the most obscene language and even went ahead in making death threats to the security officer. It was no one other than Nalaka de Silva who knew of the plan laid out by the sergeant to corner Madush across the airport security officer and that was one of those occasions where the connection between Madush and Nalaka de Silva comes to light. 

Two years ago what Madush had planned was to kidnap the mother of a particular multi-millionaire in this country and that was for two billion. The plan has misfired because the multi-millionaire has received information about this in advance and had strengthened security around her mother. If not, it would be Madush who would etch his name as the biggest ransom claimed in this country. All the same it is this Madush who directs the biggest looting of 700 crores worth diamond which took place in the island. Makandure Madush in fact becomes a figure who shocked the entire country with his murder of a former chairman of southern development authority, Danny Hiththetiya. Thus Madush who becomes popular as an underground murderer subsequently is recorded by police by the Peoples' Leasing robbery and another 22 cases of looting. 

During that same period, it came to be revealed that Madush was maintaining attachments with both the L.T.T.E. and extremist Muslim organisations which were in action in the eastern province. It was said that Madush had even received firearms through those organisations. Some notable crimes where Madush got involved were the underground attack launched at Kalutara killing seven including Samayan, shooting police inspector Naomal Rangajeewa who was officer in charge of police narcotics raid unit for the purpose of appeasing his pregnant wife's desire finally made him the godfather of the underground in this country. It was understood that he had planned out a strategy to assassinate former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in connivance with L.T.T.E. It was also learned that he had struck up a deal to assassinate former secretary of defence and present President too.  On the other hand the number of crimes he had committed while in prison and when in Dubai is actually beyond count. 

Madush is now in a cell on the fourth floor ... fallen down to the level of a mendicant and in tears ... is now praying to the gods to save his life. He too now has begun to feel what fear of death is like ... now keeps on talking about crimes for which he is responsible. He has now gone to the extent where he has decided to betray all accomplices of his who were involved in his crimes. As revealed, it is the police who have been employed by Madush to plunder the 128 kilos of heroin of Moril. Madush now declares that he has gifted valuable parcels to politicians who travelled to Dubai. That confession alone has set fire to the heads of some dignitaries in this countries of whom we never dreamed of. 

- Gayan Kumara Weerasingha -