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Global flights face risk because of new Ethiopian airline model Boeing 737 MAX 8

Global flights face risk because of new Ethiopian airline model Boeing 737 MAX 8

An Ethiopian airline on its way to Kenya met with an accident and the world was shocked with 157 on board meeting with death as a result. Ethiopia which is a country gripped with utter poverty and new of this plane crashing initially was not subject to much consideration as such. Some were entertaining ideas that it may have been an old airliner and locals may have been on board. However when further information began streaming in, that opinion changed. This airliner was an airliner which was bought from American Boeing Company just 4 months back and belonged to the latest model while passengers who boarded the
flight and lost their lives had belonged to the elite class of tourists from 32 countries ... and therefore were subjected to much talk. 

Of the 157 who died, there was only one Ethiopian. With the Ethiopian staff on board, that number was 9. There were 32 Kenyan passengers. The rest were from prominent countries and were Canadians (18), Americans (8), Chinese (8), French (7), from United Kingdom (7) and Germany (5). Most of them in fact were on transit to Kenya across Ethiopia. 

This airplane belonged to the latest model Boeing 737 MAX 8. The suspicious point is that the plane that crashed in Indonesia with 189 passengers on board some months before this (October 29, 2018) and which belonged to Lion Air Company being the latest model of Boeing 737 MAX 8. 

The American Boeing Company is supposed to be producing planes belonging to the 737 family in a trusted manner while the latest model of MAX 8 was introduced in 2011 and that was to compete with AirBus Company A32Oneo competing with Boeing airlines. It is said that the 2017 new model has acquired a high rate of popularity because of fuel efficiency and latest technology. Towards end of last January airlines all over the world have sent in applications requesting for 5011 airplanes to be made for them. Of them, 350 have been released to the world by now and two have met with accidents. Both these flights have taken off in the same manner and have in a short while crashed due to an unknown fault. 

It is understood that the accident which took place 6 minutes after the Ethiopian flight took off could not be averted because of a technical fault that could not be solved as such. With yesterday's accident, the trend of unanticipated accidents became the topic of discussion all over the world. The possibility of two airplanes belonging to the same new model meeting with accidents unexpectedly within the space of 5  months allows a better possibility of identifying a fault in that model. 

As such, a question emerges whether the 348 Boeing 737 MAX 8 airlines released to be engaged safely would be further utilised the world around anymore or not. Chinese civil aviation authority has decided today (11) to suspend services of 97 airplanes of this model while Cayman Airways Company has announced today that they will be suspending services of one airline belonging to this model and will be dropping airplanes of this model which Indonesia has employed for their internal destinations. 

The fault of this airplane has still not been ascertained. What a spokesman of Boeing Company has told international media is that a number of computer functions have been introduced for this model where safety is concerned and that these faults may have occured  because of a fault as a result of a setback or ignorance on the part of those manipulating it. However, what critics in the field of pilots have expressed ideas that it is surprising that identifying those as personal faults as pilots handling airplanes of this type are employed on the basis of experience after a longtime period of training.     

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