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Madush arrested -- Feb. 12 morning updates

Madush arrested -- Feb. 12 morning updates

Various official as well as unofficial news have circulated around social media about Makandure Madush and his crowd who were taken into custody last week in Dubai. as such, we engaged in a fact-finding mission in getting at the genuine facts. What is published here is the research we engaged in and a collection of the latest news that have been reported.

February 12 -- 8.30 am
There are no narcotics cases in Sri Lanka against Madush.

Police sources have informed that there are no legal cases in connection with narcotics rackets against Makandure Madush in this country. 

Though he has engaged in narcotics dealings on a grand scale, the point that there is no evidence to prove that he was involved in such dealings is an amazing thing. Allegations accompanying evidence have been targetted in connection with the murder of Mr. Danny Hiththetiya, former chairman of Southern Development Authority and in connection with the murder of Ranale Samayan and six persons in a prison bus. 

The story that Nadeemal was released is a fib. There is no truth in the rumour that keeps going round that Amal Perera's son Nadeemal Perera have been released and reports have already been received from Dubai confirming that he and 31 others are further detained. 

Lawyers who appear on behalf of Amal and Nadeemal who are detained together with others at Dubai Police have this morning (12) are expected to meet Dubai Police legal officer Mr. Mohommed Al Nakbi to place relevant matters before him and it is also reported that this officer has allocated time for that purpose. 

Attorney at Law, Mr. Udul Pemaratna has said that in order to appear on behalf of Amal Perera and Nadeemal Perera the attorney at law and proxies of their relatives were signed and were approved by Sri Lanka Dubai consulate and that there is an opportunity for himself and Attorney at Law Mr. Shabdika Wellappuli to appear for both of them. 

What is presented before court right now is false. 

A date when the crowd taken into custody in Dubai is produced before court has still not been officially notified. Whatever it is, investigations conducted in respect of them are over by now. 

No ear is given for request by Sri Lanka. Reports have appeared that the crowd taken into custody in Dubai have been named as underground elements of Sri Lanka and checking into legal aspects on their behalf has still not carried out. 

It is said that allegations will be aimed at some of those there in connection with taking narcotics could cause an effect on the mind and feelings because of illicit drugs and that according to the law of that country a case will be filed.  

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