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 "I will recover what government sells ...  as soon as I come" -- Mahinda Rajapaksa
"I will recover what government sells ...
as soon as I come" -- Mahinda Rajapaksa

Former President participated in the 'Janabalasena' public rally held yesterday (2) at Viharamahadevi Outdoor stadium in Colombo by the Joint Opposition. On that occasion he expressed the following ideas: that he would make a request from international factions not to buy whatever is sold by the Sri Lankan government and to be alert about the point that whatever is bought by the
international sector in the form of national resources of this country would be retrieved once he acquires power. He further said: "People know about this government more than I do. Everything has gone up from a piece of chillie. People who had three meals a day ... today have only one meal. The chief reason for this is the Ranil regime. The dream of government servants was small cars and this government taxed that also. There is nothing to be surprised about a government which levied a tax on the till box in the temple. Not about us ... they won't think of even those who gave them. The government is getting ready to change the constitution in operation. Nothing was done for the country during the past three years. The land which belongs to the future generation of this country has already been sold.

The international community is prepared to absorb what is sold by the Sri Lankan state. We request the international community not to buy the things sold by  the SRi Lankan state. The moment we come into power we would consider acquiring what has been acquired by the international parties. It was the incumbent President who initially said that the cheat was Ranil ... and not we. When to parties are pulling to two sides without administration, the country becomes disorganised. Arjun Mahendra who is linked to the bond scandal is living in a good way in overseas. These people attend weddings of their children. To say how much the government is scared of me ... even my name has been removed from Galle Cricket playground. 

They are making use of the judiciary and trying to weaken the opposition. But we that the judiciary would be independent. By taking the judiciary into their own hands, the government is treading on a dictatorship path. Those who speak about the independence of the judiciary are keeping silent today. NGOs still see my faults only. There is no warrant given for them at all to sell this country. The public won't be duped by stores of the government at all times. Those days the an in the village had money. Today, the money is with people who deal in narcotics only. Today, narcotics are being sold in schools. Politicians who are behind this must be immediately exposed . I would give the government to the police force. This is really dangerous. This is the first step of making this country an army-dominated country.   

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