Husband abroad ... I'm a lover now! -- Piyumi Hansamali

 Husband abroad ... I'm a lover now! -- Piyumi Hansamali

Husband abroad ... I'm a lover now! -- Piyumi Hansamali

Piyumi Hansamali who has these days become a social website character is someone who is a mother with one baby boy. A few days ago she happened to celebrate her 24th birthday with so many males flocking around her and everybody understands that she is a frisky female who by appearing in beauty contests in various countries by throwing money is trying to be a cut-out figure for herself
through everything she does. 

Though she herself says that she entered into wedlock at a tender age, when there are so many rumours circulating around her, she always makes it a point to to be careful not to expose about her husband. Whatever it is, when a weekend newspaper had questioned her she has divulged information abut her husband who left her and her present love affair, as if by mistake. The following are the replies she gave for questions posed to her in that instance:

* Is modelling enough to live?
   No ... that's why no I have had to engage in alternate things.

* Piyumi ... since you don't like to do acting very much, what are the other alternate things you do apart from modelling, for the sake of living?
   I don't have to do so. Because my husband is abroad no.

* Piyumi ... you got married at the age of 18. Are you sorry about it?
   I'm not sad about it because I have a child.

* Is it true that Piyumi is divorced?
   It's a personal matter of mine ... I don't like to talk about to the media.

* Isn't it children who suffer because of the blunders of the parents?
   It maybe so. But even in the midst of problems it's no one else but the parents who look after the children.

* Can love be given only to one person?
   There's no such thing.

* By now about how many have you loved?
   About three.

* That means Piyumi's feelings too are shaky?

* Are you already a lover?
   I do experience a love ... 

(Note of discussion -- Himesha Savanthi Rajapaksha)

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