Speaker Karu who boarded Emirates flight to go to Singapore hospital ...offloaded from plane!

 Speaker Karu who boarded Emirates flight to go to Singapore hospital ...offloaded from plane!

Speaker Karu who boarded Emirates flight to go to Singapore hospital ... offloaded from plane!

The case is reported of a mishap faced by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya being currently treated these days at a Singapore hospital when he was unseated from the Emirates flight setting off from Sri Lanka last week.

The Speaker who found accommodation in a First Class seat on the plane had been unseated subjecting him to great inconvenience bringing an uncalled for allegation that he was to possess a
medical certificate when the officer concerned had consequently got involved in argument and had later unseated him saying that he is not a suitable passenger to be on board that flight. Thus he was off-loaded and even his bag and baggage were once again unloaded and the officer has gone away. Subsequently 12 hours later the Speaker had made his journey on another flight belonging to Singapore Airlines after spending that period of time at a hotel in Seeduwa area.

Karu Jayasuriya who underwent treatment at a private hospital in Colombo before leaving to Singapore had been prepared to to take further treatment at a hospital in Singapore on medical advice in the company of his daughter Dr. Lanka Dissanayaka (Minister Navin's wife). As such, he had forwarded the necessary documents to the Emirates counter and secured the air ticket and had proceeded to the airport on the date concerned; but he was not informed at the airport that any documents necessary were missing.  Moving in the wheelchair itself with much inconvenience he had walked to the allotted seat in the First Class category after which the aforesaid officer had told him that a medical recommendation from the Singapore authorities was deemed necessary. When the Speaker responded saying that such a requirement was not informed the officer had then contacted his American office and had imposed conditions that until confirmation was received he could not be permitted to go on the flight. On that occasion although it was told that the required documents could be processed and faxed within the space of 10 minutes, he had not acknowledged it. Even though it was possible to grant permission to offer a recommendation from the airport doctor the officer had not been interested. Later the officer had instructed the Speaker to get off the plane and the flight had taken off. By then the Speaker's baggage too had been loaded to the flight and the officer had instructed that they be unloaded.

The Speaker Karu Jayasuriya who was placed in an awkward position as a result of this incident after inquiring as to the next Singapore flight he was informed that it was after another 12 hours and therefore he had been compelled to lodge at a hotel in Seeduwa to pass that time and had later proceeded on his journey. However in that flight he had not been inquired about the documents he was asked for previously. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya who is presently undergoing medical attention in Singapore has been thoroughly despondent about the inconvenience he had to face.
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