A landslide in the vicinity of the SEH

A landslide in the vicinity of the SEH

Along the Southern Express Highway between the  Imaduwa and Pinnaduwa exits the Rangoda hill has been declared vulnerable to a landslide.In that event the vehicles plying in this
stretch of the SEH area at risk  of been struck by large stones that would trickle down on to the highway it is reported.

The Rangoda hill is situated parallel to the SEH .Owing to the extreme incessant weather that prevailed in the past few days  ( from the 16th)a tendency for parts of the hill to crumble had been observed.

A few years ago before the Southern Express Highway was constructed it had been observed by the related authorities of the possibility of the land sliding and large stones hurling down. As a precautionary measure some cement slabs had been placed.

The residents of the area had cautioned the related authorities by drawing their attention of the highways department personnel before any damage is caused.

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