Kotakethana serial killer Neel Lakshman

Neel Lakshman of Kahawatta who ....

desired raping adult women and looting
 Kotakethana serial killer Neel Lakshman

After a special revelation took place yesterday in courts about the DNA reports of the person who was connected with 7 female murders committed in Kotakethana in Kahawatta, more and more information about him keep streaming in. This
killer is one A. Neel Lakshman of 35 years and is a father of three children. He had earned his living as a labourer. This suspect who wears an innocent look on him has came under suspicion and had been taken into custody in connection with previous murders that took place. However, for lack of evidence he was released from custody.

There have been 18 female killings reported from Kahawaththa and adjoining areas beginning from the year 2008. Some of those had left room for DNA examinations while some have not. According to reports forwarded by Gintec Institute to Pelmadulla Courts yesterday, it was revealed that this person is responsible for 7 killings, based on DNA evidence. However, police suspect that he is someone who is responsible for other murders as well.

This person who could be identified as a 'serial killer' had committed most murders for purposes of looting or raping women, which incidentally leaves a question mark. The majority of women who died under his hands happen to be aged women. In the same way most of them are poverty-stricken women. He was cornered by police on suspicion over the death of Nadan Babu the tea-plucker who was murdered last September 28th in Opatha Estate, Kahawaththa. According to DNA reports, DNA patterns of the murdered two sisters Sethungage Dayawathi and Thilakawathi, the mother and daughter Lecamge Premawathi and Pushpakumari, Siriwardena Mudiyanselage Menike and M. Bandara Menike compromise with the DNA patterns of this suspect, Gintec Institute has confirmed. Male secretions of the suspect had been compared for DNA examination with vaginal secretions obtained from some females subjected to murder.

A bill hook and a pointed knife supposed to have been made use of by the suspect in these killings have been produced in courts by the police. Ten items of clothing worn by the suspect Neel Lakshman too had been produced in courts. The CID made a request from courts to issue a court order for State and private banks and pawn shops in Pelmadulla and Kahawaththa to provide information on the accounts maintained in relation to any articles of jewellery etcetera pawned as having belonged to the females subjected to murder and whether those have been pawned even perhaps with the aid of an accomplice under the name of the suspect, a brother or wife to which request permission was granted.

The suspect had made a request across Attorney-at-Law Mrs. Seetharanjani Wickramapala saying that he wishes to make a secret statement and permission for that too was granted. As the suspect had given a statement in connection with an instance of entering a house in Dimbulwala area and has stabbed and injured a husband and wife, the CID requested courts to name this suspect as the defendant in that lawsuit.

The suspect Neel Lakshman after being produced before Pelmadulla Courts yesterday (15), Mr. Dinesh Lakmal Perera the Pelmadulla Magistrate ordered that he be remanded till the next 29th.
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