Jackson's second daughter ....

Jackson's second daughter ....  on throes of second marriage!

Jackson's second daughter ....

on throes of second marriage!

We published photos of the wedding celebration of the second daughter of popular artiste Jackson Anthony previously about 5 years before this in the year 2010. Information was also published
that it was at a time that her hand was burned and she had been hospitalised for treatment that she had developed this affair with Doctor Aloka, son of well-known artiste Hemasiri Liyanage. Whatever it is, that marriage had gone on the rocks and Madhawee is now getting ready for another marriage. It is in the following manner that she had explained about it to a weekend newspaper recently:

* Madhawee is once again in a romance ... aren't you?
  It's this. I also need love. In the same way I love romance too. For me ... life and love are not two things ... one. Because of that it's with love that I plan out all my activities. So even in professional activities also we two get together and go forward in life.

* Are you getting married soon?
  No. But parents of course are trying hard with much effort for the marriage. But I have no such hurry. That's because I don't like to do something in a hurry and get disappointed.

* Are you still thinking about the past mistakes?
  Conflicts happening in life are not only for me .... it's common to all. The only thing is.... there's a large number of people who know me from my childhood. So there's a lot of people who are concerned about even the little things that happen in my life. So even personal things in our lives some people see as big things. Everybody faces problems. So if those are viewed in a positive angle and they are faced successfully ... there's no problem. Even I faced problems in my life.

* According to what you think Madhawee .... where do you think you went wrong in life?
  What happened ... happened. I don't like to have a post-mortem on those things. I am moving forward without thinking on those things. Nobody is trying to stop me either. I have no grudge with anyone either. I am not going to shoot anybody. In the same way I am trying to move forward without being shot by anybody.

* Even if a wrong is done or not ... stories are woven around popular characters. Didn't you     Madhawee also face rumours because of marriage?
  According to what I think there were no such big stories woven round me. Sometimes it maybe about those things that happened that those stories are woven. It maybe that some people say and write false stories. Across the internet anybody can express ideas openly. So I don't think one should think big about rumours. I don't keep thinking about matters irrelevant to me and wrongs that I haven't done. Neither will I bear a grudge against anybody. If there is anybody who says such things .... I feel sorry for them.

* You are an artiste as well as someone involved in business ... aren't you?
  When you say business .... what I do is organise festivals. But that's not something that's done with a business angle in mind. It's about the tourist industry that I am pursuing studies. It's because of that that I am bent on something like that. Actually it's a very artistically creative type of work.

Discussion -- Aruni Kalupahana
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