Roshana can't remember her husband

"Which husband of mine?"
               Roshana forgets husband

tele-actress Roshana Ondaatje had faced a really embarassing situation sometime back having gone with her former husband to attend a wedding; to find that she had mistaken the date in question and had in fact gone to a wedding of an unknown person.

This incident was exposed by her a few days ago at the Hiru TV Copy Chat programme. Roshana who was married to parliamentarian Manusha Nanayakkara now lives with their daughter after being divorced from him.

This question was posed to her about the said incident asking whether it is true that she went to a wedding with her husband. At this point Roshana abruptly queried, "With which husband?" She also couldn't help laughing at that answer and those present there remarked that they are happy that she spoke straightforwardly.

The relevant photo, from BELOW
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