Salacious bus passenger nabbed in Maharagama

Youth who placed hand knocking against ....
chest of varsity student in Expressway bus ....
caught by police when getting off in Maharagama

An incident was reported where a young man who tried a prank on a university student travelling towards Maharagama in a bus along Southern Expressway using a clever strategy by the student herself whereby the police were able to cordon the suspect. It was an undergraduate of the University of Sri Jayawardenepura who faced the uncomfortable situation. She had got into the bus from Southern Expressway with the hope of getting down at Maharagama and then proceed to the university. She had noticed the male seated on the other side of her seat looking at her from time to time in the bus while she was travelling in the expressway.

The fact that the boy was turning towards her in silence aroused some suspicion in her. When travelling this way she had on a number of occasions placed his arm too in a way that it knocked against her chest region. She had then spoken to him and told him not to rest his arm in that fashion and to let her travel in peace. But what he did was only smile at her when she made the remark.

When on a number of occasions she had removed the hand away from this disturbing position, he had replied her asking her not to take much notice and had kept on repeating his act. While travelling a further distance this way, the fiance of the girl concerned had been calling her via her mobile phone and she was able to inform him in secret about the problem she was facing. What he in turn had told her was not to make a fuss because that if she happened to make any commotion he might scoot away. He had asked her to come to Maharagama without making a fuss and that he would see to the rest of it.

Later, when the bus she was travelling in had approached Maharagama town and when it stopped there her fiance had arrived in the company of the police who then nabbed the suspect handing him over to Maharagama Police.

The suspect in this case is one W. Priyantha Padmakumara Hapudeniya, a resident of Kotiyakumbura area in Rukgahatenna.

On a complaint made by the victim the student to Maharagama Police, the suspect was arrested and produced before courts.

After being released, he was imposed a personal bail of Rs. 1 lakh by Nugegoda courts.
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