Leadership Training love ends after leading to rape incident

Soldier who got friendly during Leadership Training .... scoots away after raping varsity student!

Children's and Women's Affairs division has resumed investigations over an incident of a rape case of a varsity student by an army soldier who had got friendly with her during Leadership Training.

The student from Ranala area had secured suitable qualifications to enter the University of Colombo in February 2014 and before commencing academic activities had participated in Leadership Training at Dombegoda army camp and the rape had been done by an army soldier who had befriended her during that period.
Towards the end of this Leadership Training programme, communication had taken place between the army soldier and the varsity student via SMS on the mobile phone. This attachment after having gone far had ultimately gone far and had ultimately developed into a love affair. After some time, having communicated with her over the phone for about 3 months he had come to the University of Colombo in order to meet her.

The soldier had suggested to the student, "Let's go somewhere and talk in peace. There's a good place .... let's go to Independence Square". The two of them had then gone there and engaged in conversation.

In the process the soldier has said, "Thirsty no ...?" and had brought a beverage for the student. After drinking the bottle brought, the student had felt her thought fading and faintish. What happened after that she had not been able to recollect and she had been able to recall only the incident of being lifted and being put inside a three-wheeler.

When she regained her consciousness she had found herself in an unknown house in a room stark naked. By that time she had been raped. When the student had yelled and had tried to free herself from him,the soldier had told her not to tell anybody about this incident. He had then threatened her saying that if she was to carry this story far ... he would not hesitate to ape her once again and that her home members would be killed and to keep 5 coffins ready. So saying he has beat a retreat.

The student who was thus made helpless informed her father about the incident and they had sought the assistance of the police requesting that the soldier who committed the crime be arrested and justice meted out.

Mirihana police Child and Women's Affairs section are carrying out further inquiries in this connection.
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