Mahela's daughter 'Sansa Arya' named from 'Game of Thrones'

Gave daughter the name 'Sansa Arya' ....after watching 'Game of Thrones'

A daughter was born to wife of Sri Lanka's senior cricketer Mahela Jayawardena last December 3rd. Mahela who got married in the year 2005 was able to receive the good news about this birth after 8 years of married life.

It was also as a result of this personal reason that Mahela Jayawardena quit playing in the Sarjah tour sometime back. 32 year old Mahela's wife married 36 year old Mahela and she had been born to a Danish mother and Sri Lankan father.

though Mahela informed his cricket fans over Twitter about this new birth, none of his daughter's photos were brought to the open until 6 months passed.

Sometime recently in the past Mahela with his wife and daughter participated in an interview with the English magazine 'Hai' where he revealed information about their daughter which was hitherto kept secret.Some information he gave at the interview,from below:

* Mahela's daughter's name is 'Sansa Arya'. Can you say how you gave her this strange name?

  Yes .... yes, a lot of people are asking so much about how this name was given. The teledrama 'Game of Thrones' which has become so popular these days is the foundation for giving this name. Both of us never forget to watch that drama. Sansa Stark and Arya Stark are 2 sisters and characters in that drama. Chris likes this name very much. It's not because of the characteristics of those two that we gave this name. Even when she was in hospital to deliver her baby, she watched 'Game of Thrones'. It was after that that the name Sansa Arya was given.

* During this period what was the most surprising experience you'll faced as parents?
          The best thing is that we had to sleep very little during this period which is the best thing.

* Chris ... to talk about your pregnancy period .... did you feel any particular desire (dola duka)?
          I spent the time with expectancy and with ease. As necessary .... I engaged in exercises. What I felt as 'dola duka' was that I wanted to eat Lamprais and the desire I had for Velmee (Liquorice).

* During this period who were the people whom you tapped to get advice?
          Nothing special like that. Much of the time my parents .... sometimes advice from male - female friends who had children.

* Both of you are great fashion-conscious characters. Are you concerned about even when dressing up Sansa?
         Apo no .... not yet. We think about it in a simple manner. For a number of years she does not need to think about it.

* Now she's still 6 months. Do you'll accompany her when you'll go somewhere?
         Yes .... yes,now she's joining us for our London trip also.

* Chris .... what do you get as a mother after she was born?
         I got a lot of things. My joy is to see how she develops further.    

* Mahela .... what do you get as a father after she was born?  
        Responsibility .... and of course to watch how she grows.

*Has anybody supplied you'll guidance for both of you to carry on as good parents?
        Certainly no. We believe that we ourselves can spend time with her and learn about it. We can adjust a manner or way with us.      
Photography: Sandun De Silva & Christina's FB Page
Words & Styling: Minoli Ratnayake
Hair & Make up: Chathuranga and Chalana from Ramani Fernando Salons
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