After returning from a recording at Sun FM at the World Trade Centre Umaria had been subjected to harassment

Yesteday at the Fort magistrate courts a case was heard after Umaria Sinhawansa had been subjected to a sexual harassment by her former boy friend Ramsi Jehahur. Umaria is a very popular singer among the younger generation. She had gone for a recording to the ‘Sun ‘FM located on a top floor at the World trade Centre.
Her former boy friend Ramsi Jahahur who has known that she had come for a recording at the ‘Sun’FM and tried to speak to her by calling her to a corner after the recording was over around 11 P.M. He had not allowed her to climb down the stair case, while she was going to the car park beneath. He had tried hard to rape her by taking her to an isolated place. She had escaped and had gone to the car park. Her former boy friend Ramsi Jehahur had not allowed her to get into the car.
She had reported the incident to the Police. The suspect Ramsi Jehahur had been arrested and produced to Magistrate courts Fort. He had been told to be present in courts for a hearing on the 14th of this month.
Umara and her sister 21 year old Umaria are a popular singing duo. They are very popular as Umara and Umariya as a singing duo amongst the younger generation.