Types of food had changed in the canteen of the Parliament

Honey, bacon, golden syrup according to Rosy’s proposals

Pork abolished at Muslim members request

The Parliament  canteen a well known place for eating rich food at very low prices. For a very rich breakfast one has to pay only a meagre sum of Rs 80/- only, while for a good lunch one has to pay only a sum of Rs 150/ .If the real cost is calculated it will cost about Rs 1500/-As the people’s money have been allocated for providing of meals the supply of meals are not made not at a loss.
From time to time according to the members the food menus have been changed periodically from time to time. According to a proposal brought by the Member of Parliament Rosy Senanayake, Bees honey, bacon corn flakes and golden syrup have been included to the menu.
However the Member of Parliament for Gampaha district had proposed to have pork and beef for lunch. Owing to protests by Muslim Members the supply of Pork had been withdrawn. But regarding beef a decision is to be taken later.