Was the Grade 8 Student was drowned or was he pushed into the Pusseli Oya?

The parents and elders should be always should be on the lookout about the movements and whereabouts of their children. If they are not under proper scrutiny, in the present day’s context anything could happen if their movements are not properly monitored. Yesterday owing to this negligence the dead body of a Grade 8 student, 13 year old Sandun was found drowned in the Pusseli Oya in the Galagedara area.
When the parents observed that Sadun had returned home until late evening they had made a search for him with the help of neighbours. Their efforts had proved futile. Someone had seen this school boy with some others in the vicinity of Pusseli Oya.With this clue the father of Sadun and others had visited this area. The father of Sadun had seen Sadun’s pair of slippers ,he had been wearing in the vicinity of the of the Pusseli Oya.
Having suspected that he may have got drowned in the Pusseli Oya, they had deployed two divers to find his body, which was incidentally found in the deep end of the Pusseli Oya. They had brought the body to the shore. The Coroner who conducted the cause of death had ordered the body to be taken to the Avissawela hospital for further investigations. The Police are conducting further investigations into this unfortunate death.

Pix & Report by -K.Buddika Kumarasiri