Does Kapruka Mudalali’s murder has anything to do with the nude photographs he took of the customer’s in fit on rooms?

Kapruka Mudalali was killed last week. This murder is being now connected to a rape case. This businessman who is said to have taken photographs from the cameras which had been fixed in the fit on rooms had blackmailed one girl to sleep with him saying that if not he would publish her nude photographs. The woman who is the suspect of this murder had revealed that she had been blackmailed by this businessman and in order to stop her half nude photographs been published, she has continued an illicit relationship with him.
This woman has given the contract to kill this businessman as he had tried to invite other people and requested this woman to satisfy them as well. She had been in relationship with this businessman and had often visited him at the shop. In between, this man had asked her to go with his friends to satisfy them also promising to give her money for that.
When she had refused to follow his rules, he had threatened her again saying that he will publish her nude photographs. At the end, when she had been unable to cope with that, she had asked her brother and his friends to kill him. From her confession, it is clear that the businessman had not attempted rape and she had been sleeping with him with her consent.
the fact that whether she was really blackmailed after showing her half nude photographs taken in the fit on room or whether it was just created in order to justify the murder has not yet been cleared out.
The murder was done by two people who had suddenly entered the shop on the 13th Friday this month. The businessman, 44 years old Larik Saman Rajapakse had been at the shop at between 6 and 6.30 in the evening. The two people who had entered the shop had run towards him and hit with him with a sword when the others have been around them. The businessman had run out touching his head and the two people have followed him.
Gampaha Police station has been just opposite the shop and he had run towards the Police station. Unfortunately, he had slipped after striking against a concrete slab and fallen down. The two people who had taken advantage out of that situation had killed him on the spot and checked to make sure that he is dead and have escaped towards the market. The police had started investigations immediately and they have been able to find the bloody swords in the upstairs of the market building.
The police dogs after sniffing the swords have gone towards the three-wheeler park and the three wheeler drivers have said that two youths who had come running had taken a hire to the hospital.
They would have gone to the hospital to inquire about the dead person. However, nothing had been reported after that about the murderers. The details of the woman had been found out when the Police had checked the last dialed numbers from the businessman’s mobile phone. The sales girls of the shop had mentioned that he had been receiving death threats over the phone. The businessman had replied to them saying: “Do whatever you can.” When the address of the person whom he had dialed been found, the police had found this suspect and she had told the story about her being blackmailed with photographs taken in a fit on room.
44 year old, Larrik Saman Rajapakse is a father of a child. His family knows nothing about this case. It is illegal to fix cameras in a fit on room. It is also a puzzle as to why this woman didn’t make a complaint against him in the police. Instead she had been in an illicit relationship with this businessman. Sometimes, she may be distorting the facts. Either she would have been benefitting from him while they were in a relationship.
The police are still carrying out investigations. Her brother is not to be seen since and nobody knows as to where he had gone. More details will be revealed once they are caught.
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