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Minister speechless because of lady state officer's mouth!

Minister speechless because of lady state officer's mouth!

An incident is reported of a minister who had to return for having tried to help his colleagues, when a state lady officer of Negombo directly tells minister Sanath Nishantha that she is not prepared to work outside the framework of law.  

This issue has cropped up on a request made to release a land for the purpose of erecting a
playground in the environmental complex of Kadolana. It was officer Mrs. Dewani Jayathilaka officer of Gampaha wild life forest who expressed these ideas saying that permission could not be granted to erect illegal structures by destroying Kadolana environmental system at yesterday's district development committee meeting. 

Disregarding the minister and others who provided support to him, she said that she is not prepared to act beyond the law. It was that by utilising government lands for various human activities resulting in the influence of percentage of oxygen. 

This was her argument: "hon. minister ... this very clearly is a forest land of the state. A forest land cannot be released for a ground as such.  Gampaha actually has the lowest forestry ... 1.6%. Are you aware that the wild life has only 18 acres from it? From that also we have only 1086 hectares from that too. Who holds himself responsible for this? We can't breathe ... where is the oxygen? 

Minister -- This is a small country. If there is an environmental system ... wild; there won't be a place for people to live.

Thugs-- We don't care about oxygen. 

State officer -- It is not possible to act beyond the law. 

Video relevant to this incident which is exemplary about state officers who work straight. 

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