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Did she fall into a drain on the side and was carried away by the channel? Doubt about lady teacher's death in different direction!

Did she fall into a drain on the side and was carried away by the channel? Doubt about lady teacher's death in different direction!

Police who are conducting investigations how the death of 27 year old Chandima Nisansala Rathnayaka living in Gampola Kirapana area initially was struck with the suspicion that she was murdered by her former lover and her body was subsequently thrown into the river. Whatever it is, after her body was discovered, a suspicion has developed on a wide-scaled investigation as to whether it had happened with Nisansala falling into a drain on a day that was raining and was carried
away by the channel.

Though her final scenes were captured on the CCTV in the tuition class building hundred metres beyond the house on that rainy day of October 1st, she has disappeared when very close to her home. The closest reason related to her disappearance are the several side-drains devoid of any safety lying between the house where she disappeared and the  revision classes building. It is aid that the week before a person who has fallen into a drain was able to save his life in the nick of time. 

This particular place to reach Ranmalkaduwa route in Kirapana area as a short-cut was a highly risky route while travelling a short distance along that route concrete planks have been laid on the drain there. At certain places empty spaces are to be observed as well. It is said that after the section where concrete planks are laid, a open drain is to be found and because water overflows the road on rainy days, the place concerned has to be passed by villagers searching for concrete planks facing a risk in the process. 

The person called Meena Logini living in Kirapana area when passing this place last 3rd in the evening was able to save her life at the last moment after falling into the channel. It is said that she had been coming home after work with her salary money when she had gone across a drain and suddenly fallen into a channel and had been struggling for over about 10 minutes after which she was fortunate to get over the channel concerned. On that occasion her salary, the mobile phone and handbag containing her identity card was washed away by the channel. This incident was reported at the exact spot where Nisansala disappeared. 
Based on the suspicion that Niansala was carried away having fallen into the side-drain on the road which she was travelling along, Officers of the crime section of Gampola police and Soco officers inspected the spot where she may have fallen into that channel. 

Judicial medical officer of Kandy hospital Siva Subramaniam has given an open verdict at the post-mortem of the Gmpola school teacher whose dead body was recovered from Victoria reservoir. The body being highly deteriorated and damage to internal organs have been the reason for this condition. Final rites of deceased school teacher was conducted yesterday (9) at Gampola cemetery. 

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