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Ryan van Royan to custody -- though Amal Perera's name is in list ... has not come

Ryan van Royan to custody -- though Amal Perera's name is in list ... has not come

The group taken into custody with Makandure Madush and expelled from Dubai arrived in Sri Lanka from time to time and ryan van Royan who was among them was arrested today. 5 of those and Ryan van Royan who were thus expelled from Dubai arrived early this morning at Katunayaka airport via UL - 266 flight in dawn around 5.25 and criminal investigation department unit of the airport has taken them into custody for purposes of interrogation. 

It was reported that popular singer Amal Perera has already been deported and that he has booked his ticket to fly back home. As such, his name was in the passenger list on a flight scheduled to come to
Sri Lanka on dawn of April 1st. The criminal investigation department is prepared to detain him for interrogation as soon as he arrives at the airport. However, there is news to say that he has not boarded the above flight which he has booked to come to this country and that he has later cancelled it. 

Operations launched by police narcotics bureau, state intelligence unit and criminal investigation department combined have taken steps to detain those thus deported and it is operating all throughout twenty four hours while in order to monitor any suspicious person arriving at that location, a separate team of officers are stand by, it was reported. A special police committee comprising 7 senior police officers have been deployed to monitor those arriving in the island from Dubai. 

Though singer Amal's son Nadeemal Perera was taken into police custody for a short period of time, he was subsequently released. But why Amal Perera is absconding in this manner is a matter which is not clear. Police suspect that because of the fear that if he is subjected to interrogation by police, further information about others will be revealed in the process and that whether he is trying to make a hiding for that reason. 

Among the group departed and those who came to the island today are Ryan van Royan, singer Amal Perera's son Nadeemal Perera, prison officer Kodagoda Aaarachchige Lalith Kumara, Mohommed Imran (Kanjipani Imran), Mohommed Siddik, Mohommed Siyam and Weerasinghage Lanka Sajith Perera. It was Nadeemal who incidentally was released. 

In the meantime, the 5 including Ryan who were deported from Dubai this morning (4) after been taken into police custody at Katunayaka, will be notified to police about procedures to be adopted regarding them.

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